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My card gets declined...

So, if i buy a nookbook ON my nook, and my credit card gets declined, what does that mean exactly? Does that mean i just dont get the book, or do i owe them? Sorry with some stuff gets a little confusing...

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Re: My card gets declined...

it means you don't get the book... I don't believe it downloads until the buying process is completed... which means when they get paid..

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Re: My card gets declined...

Actually I had this happen to me once.


The book downloaded and I was able to open it immediately.


The next day I believe, I received an email from B&N informing me that my payment method was declined.


The book became a "Zombie Book" in my B&N account. I could read the book that was downloaded to my NOOK, but it could not be archived, deleted, or re-downloaded.


I ended up having to call B&N customer support, who deleted the book from my account so I could re-purchase it.