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Re: Shelving books

How do you put the books in order by how they are in the series?

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Re: Shelving books

You can't. You can put them on shelves, and you can order your shelves by title, author, or most recent access.


I suppose you could order by most recent access, then open the e-books in reverse order so that the first one is the most recently accessed.


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Re: Shelving books

Man, what I wouldn't give to be able to organize my books on each shelf.


I'm almost obsessive enough to try that method, Doug. We'll see. I might just do it in the near future.


My shelves:


Science Fiction




Wife's Books

Then, author specific shelves, in an attempt to wrest order from chaos, because some of my shelves were getting a bit unwieldy in the absence of a way to order the books on them.

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Re: Shelving books

When version 1.5 came out I tried shelves. After a short time I realized no matter what I did, I still wasn't going to find shelves particularly useful. For a classics shelf I have over a 100 books. That's still 9-10 pages for just one shelf.


I gave some thought to what I would like to see for organization. I realized I would be hard pressed to come up with something I found satisfactory for a 6" screen.


For every brand of eReader, the users complain about the lack of or limitations of its organization capabilities.


I opened Calibre, looked at it and decided this was the best I could hope for. I added a column to Calibre for Read and now use Calibre to organize and maintain my library. Periodically I add a number of books that have not been read to the nook. I remove those that have been read from the nook and change their status in Calibre to read.

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Re: Shelving books

I read mostly only certain types of books so my shelves are pretty simple. Also they mostly revolve around YA.



Animal Fiction (Mostly the Redwall series, but I made it pretty general in case I find another series I really like.)



Magic/Monsters (Harry Potter and Narnia type stuff)


Myth (mostly Greek and Roman)

Reference (for the user guides and my Kaplan books)


Spies/Thieves (All of Ally Carters books, but again I made it general just in case I found any others I like)

Vampires (Twilight of course :smileyhappy: )


My home pages


1. Currently reading

2. New books yet to be read.

3. All time favorites. (those wonderful books you could read anytime, anywhere, and several times in a row)

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Re: Shelving books

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I used numbers in front of some of my shelves to force them into a particular non-alphabetical order so similar shelves would stay next to each other. Others I did not number, letting them alphabetize after the numbeered shelves. I have a "Read" shelf, and after reading a book I take it off it's shelf and add it to the Read shelf so it's still on my nook but not on a shelf I'm browsing looking for something to read. ----- My shelves: ... 1. Unfinished ... 2. Unread Category Misc ... 2. Unread Comedy ... 2. Unread Fantasy, SciFi, Paranormal ... 2. Unread Historical ... 2. Unread Mystery, Detective, Legal ... 2. Unread NF: Science, Health, etc ... 2. Unread NF: True Stories, Memoirs, Biographies ... 2. Unread Romance, Light, Chick Lit ... 2. Unread Suspense, Horror, Thriller ... 3. Classic Works ... 4. Reference Books ... Ag Documents & Newsletters (work docs) ... B&N More in Store ... Books I've Read OR Books I Hated So Don't Read :smileysurprised:) ... Children's Books
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Re: Shelving books

As a teenager I worked in a library. So the first thing I did with my Nook Classic
was define the primary 100 categories of the Dewey Decimal System as shelves, from "000 GENERALITIES" through "990 GENERAL HISTORY OF OTHER AREAS". Refer to any Dewey Decimal chart for the complete list...

A glutton for punishment, I then proceeded to add about 100 more shelves. Yeah - I know. But I had to have categories for special series like "Harvard Classics" and of course every fiction genre' I could think of: "Fiction: Western", "Fiction: Science Fiction", "Fiction: Romance", "Fiction: Pulp", "Fiction: Paranormal Romance", "Fiction: Other", "Fiction: Newberry Award", "Fiction: Mystery", etc. down to "Fiction: Action-Adventure".

You might have noticed I listed my genre's in reverse? What I didn't realize in my zeal was that shelves are displayed by default with the most recently defined on top! So I ended up with everything upside down! And not even I wanted to shuffle 200 shelves like the Towers of Hanoi! <LOL>

Needless to say the bulk of my approximately 3,500 sideloaded titles reside in "Unshelved" If I had it to do over (and I may if I have to reregister my Nook and lose all that work) I'd probably make do with just a handful: "Recently Read" / "Reading Now" / "To Be Read" - very similar to the "Home Page" panels on the Nook2. (amusingly, the Spell Check function suggests replacing "Nook2" with "Nook")

If (like me) you have thousands of books on your Nook, a directory list can be 3-400 pages - a major strain on the bezel buttons! You can ease the pain by creating an "Index" shelf as a portal.

Create a new shelf (e.g., "Index") then select "Place on or remove from shelf" and scroll through your book list page-by-page (just this once!) adding titles from the middle of each alphabetic group as you go (rather than just the first title from each letter of the alphabet - this will minimize the average seek time as you scroll through the directory later). Note that you might want to add multiple entries under "T" if you have a lot of titles beginning with the word "The"...
You can then Go To your Index shelf at will (which automatically turns shelves on), back up one level and use the up/down arrows to quickly highlight the anchor title you wish to jump to, then just hit "Change View" -> "Hide Shelves". You'll find yourself sitting in a complete directory with the title you selected still at the cursor! A lot better than hitting the page forward button 200 times...

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Re: Shelving books

Do you archive most of the books after you finish reading them? 

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Re: Shelving books

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thans56 wrote:

Home page . . .



  • I use the home page for books I'm currently reading, the next book I will read, and the next 4 books I will read.  The currently reading book cover is pinched to a larger size and moved off the shelf onto the upper area...  



Thanks Teri! 


I didn't know that you could "Pinch" the Cover icons, I like that idea.  Shelving my books on my NC makes me crazy. :smileymad:  So, organizing on the Home Pages is the best I can do. 


B.  :smileyhappy:

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Re: Shelving books

I shelve by series example 1: Quits of Almish by Nora Roberts Then i shelve by example 2: Unread 2: Samples 2: Favorites, 2: Worthless Then I shelve by 3: Classics, 3: Romance 3: Scifi etc. I use the numbers so i can group the shelves in catagories and between shelves i'll do a blank shelf to seperate the catagories.