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Re: Tell the publisher......

ilovepooh wrote:

I used to be able to see & use the tell the publisher link, but it's no longer there.  These posts are from 2009 and 2010, and I purchased my nook in Sept 2010 and was able to use the tell the publisher link until about 5 months ago or so.  This makes me wonder if use of the link is limited to a period of time or a certain number of uses.  I've tried it in Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 & 9.  It all looks the same without a link.


I also emailed B&N and received the same email you did and when they said to use the link, I asked if they had even read my email.  I then received a second canned email, which one of you has also received - that they would notify the appropriate people. 


I wish they would give a straight answer and just tell us we've used up our allotment or whatever the deal is.

There's a problem with the website and for some reason, the link is showing.  If you look at the code for the site, you can find that the tell the publisher links seems to be in there, but for some reason, it isn't displaying.  Whether it's intentional or not is hard to tell.  I didn't spend a lot of time trying to decipher all the code to see exactly what was happening.


I do know from my experiences in maintaining websites, that a change to a webpage can affect something totally unrelated, and then it becomes more difficult to figure out what is causing it and how to fix it.  Kind of like the time I bought a wireless mouse and keyboard at the same time as I purchased a new monitor.  My screen saver/monitor power functions stopped working.  I messed with the external monitor settings for days until I figured out it was actually the wireless receiver for the keyboard causing the problem.  And I only stumbled on that because I decided to return the wireless keyboard.


But, B&N is really bad at communication also, it would be nice if they at least acknowledged the issue and that they were working on it.

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Re: Tell the publisher......

In other threads, I've read that there may be a glitch or two after the website update. One is the search issue. This sound like that.

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Re: Tell the publisher......

I recently have now bought a Kindle so I have the ST Nook (which I absolutely do love) and the Kindle both.  Since BN does not have the tell the publisher button I have started voting on Amazon for books I would like to read in ebook form.  Now whoever comes out with the book first will get my money.   The purpose for the Kindle was the text to speech option.  I love to sew but reading is my real passion and the text to speech (though hardly perfect and something you really need to get use to) will allow me to do both.  I have invested in a lot of ebooks with BN and I want to continue because in comparing the two devices the ST Nook is so much more superior.  BN has got to work on their website problems and their customer service communication because I wouldn't have been looking on Amazon's website if BN's "tell the publisher" button had been working.  There is a lot of competition out there and BN has got to start really paying attention to what their customers are saying or they are going to lose their well deserved edge.  The Nook is a fantastic reading device - please BN don't let that be ruined by ignoring your customers.