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Re: When will Harry Potter books be available for my NOOK?

aditya wrote:


JohnP51 wrote:

You got all of that from what I posted? And I never said I was a Gen X'er. I am a lot older than that and no, I never did those things. Taping from the radio, while legal, was way too difficult to do and copying books was wrong. The adults who raised me taught me right from wrong.


As for this current generation is concerned, I don't trust a single one of them. A generation that thinks a promise is just words, hurting someone else is funny, and its okay to do something if you don't get caught. Say what you want to, we now have a generation of spoiled brats who base their moral judgments on "its all about me". Yes, I know I painted a wide swath there. I meant to.


No, I didn't say you were part of Gen X - just that that's been your target for a long time now and I've been seeing the same refrain from you over and over and over.


I don't doubt that such people as you describe do exist in this generation. The point is that they have existed in every single generation - even your own. As I said, do not deify an entire generation (your own) while demonizing another (the current one). Remember that the world is in the shape it is because of the people we inherited it from. The people you describe are barely adults - with no real say in the way the world works. The people in power and the people who vote are the elders of a society - that's not my generation. I have little to no respect for previous generations when most people back then didn't even have the basic qualities of human decency (towards everyone, not just select races) until maybe a few decades back.


As I said, I'll take your word for it that you personally did none of the things I described. But almost everyone was doing it in your generation. So much for the superiority of your generation. However, I'm quite willing to accept that you may be a person of superior morality. Do you see the distinction I'm trying to make here? Perhaps if you stop insulting an entire generation for no reason - you might be able to truly see the heights that the current generation has taken our civilization to. (Yes, there are depths too - but you already know those - how sad that that's all you allow yourself to know)


Keep your eyes on the underbelly of our generation (and every generation has one - even yours - and it was large and obscene - any history book will bear me out in this and filth is all you'll see. And that's all the paint you'll have to paint your wide swaths with. That's a very limited and limiting worldview.

Got that knee jerking pretty hard there.


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Re: When will Harry Potter books be available for my NOOK?


JohnP51 wrote:
Got that knee jerking pretty hard there.


Pot, Kettle, etc. :smileytongue:

John, you write that generational thing ALL THE TIME - and oftentimes it's the only thing you post in a thread. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it. But seriously, none of it was stated disrespectfully - I really do wish you would take it as the earnest plea that it was.

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Re: When will Harry Potter books be available for my NOOK?

Seriously, John?  You intentionally lump everyone of a particular age, regardless of differences in personality, experiences, behavior, culture, or any other variable you can think of, into one group and write them off as morally bankrupt... and you're surprised that people may disagree with you, or even find this offensive?


I'll tell you something I learned from the adults who raised me: if you assume you know everything about a person because of their clothing, or ethnicity, or the neighborhood they live in; if you judge them because they talk funny, or act funny, or pray funny; if you decide that someone is "good" or "bad" because they're pretty or ugly, well-dressed or threadbare, young or old... you will be wrong.  You should never make statements to this effect, because you could hurt someone badly.  Additionally, when you do so, you are displaying your ignorance and may well humiliate yourself.