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Re: eBook Pricing

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RSC_Nook wrote:

interesting points desert.  I guess what I really meant was as a market that is getting active customers, it is still fairly early.  either way my point was it doesn't matter if it costs 1/2 the cost of a normal book, if the number of customers is just 10% that of normal books pricing might be higher.




I forgot to mention that Gutenberg Project began in 1971.


But the concept of "e-books" has been around for a while. There was even an era of "books on disk" and "books on CD" (these were NOT audio books) before the commercial advent of the many e-readers we've seen come and go, like the Iliad or iRex and quite a few others actually. There was quite a push for the BeBe format a few years ago. Thankfully the market has gone with the epub format instead. But at the time, you had to use whatever format was for your particular e-reader. And very few of them could read .txt files even. It was a very proprietary market.


Contrary to popular thought, Kindle wasn't the first to produce an e-reader. It just made one that looked better (e-ink vs. gray scale) and had a longer battery life with a smaller battery as opposed to 6-8 AA size batteries. In comparison, think of how much GPS units have changed. You can get one on a wristwatch now.

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