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Re: BN eReader update for desktop

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AllenR wrote:


Michael-V wrote:

There is a new version of NOOK for PC (it is you can download at the link below:





At least this install worked better than the last, though B&N's software writing capability  "image" is damaged yet again with



However, I still get an error message every time I shut the program down (code 012)


Note since there is a new version I have started a thread


I suggest any one having problems with the new version post there.

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Re: BN eReader update for desktop

This software update was good.









If only they would have a UPDATE for the Nook.

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Re: BN eReader update for desktop

Thanks for the fix!!!!  I thought i had lost all my highlights and notes!!  after deleting that db it all reappeared

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Re: BN eReader update for desktop

I learned a long time ago to wait to install updates; Windows, iTunes, NOOK, etc. That way, the early adopters can find all the install bugs and maybe the vendor will release a new update before I install it.  Looks like it worked out again since B&N has since released v2.5.1.237.  It installed very smoothly and I haven't seen any problems.


My question is, when is the PC version going to get all the "cool" features I keep reading about with the iPad nook reader app?  Stuff like themes, contrast controls, the ability to change the page background color???  We used to have the ability to change the background color but it got dropped for some unknown reason. I much prefer to have a darker background than the default glaring white!!


And I would really appreciate the ability to sync between the PC reader and my nook.  That would be very useful.


Just my two cents...

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Re: Desktop ereader problems?


Michael-V wrote:

To resolve this issue perform the following:


1)      Uninstall the application by clicking Start>All Programs>Barnes& Noble> Desktop Reader> Uninstall


2)      Follow the uninstall prompts.  This process will delete all your local content; however your eBooks will remain stored in your online in your B&N eBooks library.




1)      Uninstall using Control Panel by performing the following: Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs> Remove the Barnes & Noble Desktop Reader.


After Un-installation is complete, simply go to Barnes& and re-install the Desktop eReader. 


This process should correct any content issues you may receive in “My Library,” and you can pick up where you left off. Enjoy your reading!



Last evening, I tried to open nook for pc w/o success. Tried rebooting still would not open. Decided to uninstall & re-install (using vista). The program did not show up in Control Panel, there was no uninstall.exe in the program file nor was I able to use Windows Install Clean Up. Finally manually deleted program, deleted db's & cleaned registry before rebooting & re-installing. 


Again, when installing I received the following error message:

Error opening file for writing


I clicked ignore & the program continued to install.


Again no desktop icon, again had to go to program file to create shortcut. Program now opens but for how long before I have to go through this routine?


I would really like to get a PERMANENT fix. 

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Re: BN eReader update for desktop

B&N is no longer supporting the B&N ereader application.  They are forcing the nook app on us all.  


I went to download a new book I bought yesterday to my B&N ereader on my iPod and I couldn't get the app to download it.  After trying several geek tricks I was forced to call B&N tech support, well the support group couldn't get it to work either.  I told them that it wouldn't even let me sign in.  


I asked if they are still supporting the B&N ereader now that nook is out and they couldn't answer my question.  I asked them what kind of tech support group was this, they had no answers for any of the issues I questioned.  Finally I spoke to a supervisor and asked if they were no longer supporting the ereader app and he said yes, they are only supporting and allowing the nook application to download newly purchased books.  


I asked if there was another reader I could use and told them how much I HATE the nook app, due to it constantly crashing (not to mention other issues) and they said no, because of their apb format you can only read on nook.  


NOT true, you can add all of your books to the Stanza ereader (you can use on iPod and Mac and Windows) and read them just fine.  You can customize it any way you choose and it run great!!!  It will ask you the first time to put in the credit card info you used to purchase the book, it won't charge you twice, just the original purchase you made through B&N.  So there nook, this is one person who will not be forced to use this crappy app.



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