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Can't get the book!

So I have been using nook for ipod/iphone when it was still ereader, and now have nook.  I have bought lots of books, usually no problems.  Last night I purchased a book and hit the refresh button so my device would find my book and I could download it.  Nothing happens.


Then I thought, I will try to download some books I read on the ipod onto my iphone and see if that works.  I hit download and I get a message that says "Couldn't get content license". 


How do I fix this so that I can get my new books to be recognized and downloaded into my iphone? I see the book in my library when I go online on the computer, just can't get it into the phone!


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Re: Can't get the book!

don't try redownloading the app.I tried  it but now I can't get any of my books. Mainly because I can't log in to my account.

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