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EReader Download for Windows Smartphone

I did a search to find help on downloading the ereader to my windows smartphone (HTC Touch Pro 2) - and only found entries from last year.

How do I upload a reader to my device? Can I use the PC reader? Is there a work-around?


Thanks for your help!

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Re: EReader Download for Windows Smartphone

I am a longtime customer of, now a Barnes and Noble company.


Lately, has been losing titles, even ones that I currently own. And, they are not picking up some of the same titles that Barnes and Noble now sells.


I have a Windows Mobile phone, but there does not now exist a Barnes and Noble Windows Mobile ereader, so I cannot buy new titles from Barnes and Noble. The eReader software page on the BN site lists iPod, iPad, iTouch, Blackberry, but not Windows Mobile. Tech support cannot or will not tell me if a Windows Mobile ereader is even in development (for which I would patiently wait).


And yet, the T-Mobile HTC HD2 (Windows Mobile 6.5, "same" as my phone) prominently lists an ereader for Barnes and Noble ebooks. I am just guessing, but I would be willing to bet that T-Mobile/HTC did not develop this software on their own, but rather sourced it from Barnes and Noble. 


(I just checked the T-Mobile site again, and "Barnes and Noble", and "eReader" both have the trademark registration symbol associated. Odd, since "eReader" is also used by


I am puzzled and upset that is being treated as an undesirable orphan and that the Windows Mobile crowd does not even rate mention on the software site. I understand the desire to sell Nooks. I will not buy one. Or a Kindle. I have always been amused by the idea of a dedicated ebook reader, since I have been reading ebooks on my phone for years prior to the introduction of these "new" devices.


Is it worth it to Barnes and Noble to try to force me buy a Nook, when what they are really doing is forcing me to hate their business model?


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Re: EReader Download for Windows Smartphone

If you look up any ebook, such as this one:


you will see it CLEARLY states "works with any computer or mobile device"  (far right side).


Now web development people some times get ahead of the corporate people, and start spilling beans that are not yet fully cooked, but that is a pretty bold statement which is demonstrably FALSE Advertising.


No windows mobile.

No Android.

No Symbian.

No Linux.


We've been told by one of the Board Admins, that a Android eReader is in the works.  No word on a windows mobile version.  


One would hope if they are taking the time to develop this software further they will reading allow purchases from all THREE of their brand names, B&N, and Fictionwise.


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Re: EReader Download for Windows Smartphone

[ Edited ]

Of course, if you are willing to deal with an unannounced (probably limited Beta) B&N version of the software, there is a download available as pointed to by the second post is the thread

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Re: EReader Download for Windows Smartphone

Thanks for the link.  Unfortunately the version pointed to by that thread is the same version that comes with the HD2, and it's awful!  It's highly buggy, there are any number of things that can cause you to lock up your reader to the point, get this, that B&N's solution when I called Customer Support was "Reinstall the operating system".  Fortunately I am not stupid and had done a Sprite Backup and was easily able to get back to a state that worked, but the bottom line is the thing is barely useable, if you change ANY of the font settings or line spacing it locks up your library FOR GOOD, and I MISS MY eReader software!  Unfortunately B&N has been pulling all the good titiles away from eReader and moving them to B&N, for example the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.


When I first got my HD2 I was able to buy the books online and then download a .PDB which convienently worked just dandy in eReader's reader.  Unfortunately now it appears that back door has been closed and all the files are coming down in .epub format.


Come on B&N, there are millions of PocketPC/Windows Mobile machines out there.  If you aren't going to give us a good reader then open up your specifications and let us write one for you!

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Re: EReader Download for Windows Smartphone

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We are always eager to provide information on our services and the
selections we offer online. However, the questions you have posed are
beyond the scope of the information that we provide to the general
public. The information you are seeking may be proprietary. Therefore,
we are unable to answer your questions.

We regret any disappointment this may cause, and wish you well in your


Customer Service Representative
Barnes and Noble

Original Message Follows:

I have a T-Mobile HD2 which comes with the B&N eReader software. This
was one of the reasons I bought the HD2 as I have had Windows Mobile for
12+ years and used your company's eReader for many, many
years. I have over 150 books on it.

So when I got my HD2 upon starting your reader it immediately downloaded
an update and installed it. Great, I think, this is a supported
platform and they are keeping it up to date! I bought several books and
sync'd my library. The books came down and I was able to read them.

Then I bought a few more books and during one of the downloads I
accidentally hit the X button and closed the application and all heck
broke loose. When I restarted the application it would no longer sync
with B&N and also would not open any of the existing books on my system.
The message in light grey text in the middle of the screen is something
like "Open failed". At that point I tried logging out of the
application, it told me this would reset the application to "Factory
Settings" and I accepted, thinking I could just re-download my books.
Wrong. Upon logging on again I had the same problem Syncing my library
and no books would download.

So I'm a Sysadmin and know to back up my systems. Fortunately I had
done a Sprite backup a few weeks back and used it to get the system
fully restored and the reader working again. I found several other
scenarios that cause my reader to corrupt the library to the point that
it is unusable. Some are:

1. Trying to read a book while downloading another.
2. Closing the reader while downloading a book.
3. Changing ANY of the font or line spacing settings.
4. Locking the screen on my phone (Red hangup button locks the screen)
while the reader application is open.

Essentially this application is junk. It appears to have been written
by a third grader and your Quality Assurance group should be ashamed.

When I first had these problems the first few books I purchased I found
that if I got on the web page I was able to download the books directly,
and that they came down in .pdb format, which worked perfectly on my (a B&N company!) reader. I was a happy camper, I'd been
using this reader for years and love it, even helped Beta Test new
versions for several years when it was under development. Unfortunately
you seem to have plugged that backdoor and all the books I have now
download in .epub format and I am stuck using your horrible HD2 reader.

Please help me out here. I am thinking in terms of (1) Helping you Beta
Test new versions for free, (2) If you have stopped development of the
Windows Mobile version, possibly a LARGE discount (say 100%) off of a
Nook or other reader, or (3) Give us the specs for your .epub format
extensions UNDER NON-DISCLOSURE so we can write a decent reader for you.
I am thinking in terms of a public domain program.

I'd bee more than happy to discuss all this with someone in a position
to make a decision. I spent 2 hours on the phone with one of your call
center drones and all he could recommend was that I take the phone to
T-Mobile and ask them to reload the softare :-)

BTW, I am a 54 year old Software Engineer at NASA with 35 years of
Software Development, System Engineering and Software Quality Assurance

Thanks for your consideration,
Marc Newman
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Re: EReader Download for Windows Smartphone

Thanks to everyone who has responded - it's interesting that BN has allowed such an obvious gap to continue...

I am looking at finding another source for ebooks to read on my smartphone - I'm sure there are some good sources out there.

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