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Error Message Codes

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While I greatly enjoy having E-reader software available on my laptop and phone, I'm getting a bit disgruntled with the repeated errors that my PC is having with Nook.  For the fifth or so time this year, I"m trying to download a book and receive the message "We are experiencing technical difficulties at this time-lease try again later. (Download: 2157)" or (Error 1016).   I tried everything I could find on other messages (logging off and on, deleting the file then attempting to redownload, restarting program and computer, uninstalling and reinstalling the entire program) yet have been unable to get the book to download.  Any recommendations, hopefully from Admin?  Or possibly a user-friendly page that explains just what the error codes mean and how to fix the issues?


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Most recent title with error: John Ridley's Those Who Walk In Darkness

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Re: Error Message Codes

I've found that NookStudy is usually can download even if Nook for PC can't. If I then open up Nook for PC after downloading with NookStudy it usually does it right away.
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Re: Error Message Codes

Thank you, kamas. I was skeptical, but this did indeed work. I was unable to sync using the Nook for PC app despite repeated attempts. I downloaded the study app and that synched, after which I went back to the Nook app and that started synching.


It could have been a coincidence but I'm assuming it wasn't. Thank you!

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