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How do I download??

I downloaded the eReader app and the new version of adobe but no matter whether I click the book to run or save it won't download to my computer

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Re: How do I download??

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You didn't identify the platform.


For PC and B&N ebooks, you simply register your reader with the site (enter email and B&N password).  All your B&N purchased books should than appear as entries on your My library (all items, ebooks, emags, enews).  If you have the option set in settings than recent books will automatcally download.  Otherwise you will see download book as one of the options for the book on your bookshelf.


For non B&N books you click on My Stuff and the add item button to add them from wherever you saved them on your PC.


Somewhat different instructions apply to each of the other supported platforms.


See also the instructions on how to delete the database.  This has been necessary to bulk load and delete non B&N stuff on the PC and several times was necessary when they upgraded the reader.  Most recently with the new upgrade just released this last week.


Database is a hidden file (so you will have to tell windows explorer to display hidden files and directories).  Its in your AppData directory.  For vista and windows 7 thats


\users\YOURID\AppData\Roaming|\Barnes & Noble\BNDesktoReader  file ClientAPI.db

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