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I pad

Can I get to my nook account on someone elses ipad that has the nook app on it

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Re: I pad

Only if the sign out of their account, which will delete all their books, and then you sign into your account.

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Re: I pad

I know that Nook for PC actually saves books for separate accounts in separate folders, so if you log out of the second account and back into the first, downloaded books are still there. I do not know if anything similar might take place on the iPad. Worst case scenario is that the first user would have to re-download their books.
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Re: iPad

When you log out, books are kept, but don't forget that iOS holds the power to delete files (Books) in your cache if it needs the room.  Therefore the books might be deleted as you begin to load your books, especially if you have a lot of books.

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