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I want to disable last page sync

Could someone please tell me how to disable this? My wife and I both have iPads. We sold our Nooks for iPads, but we love Barnes and Noble, so we refuse to buy Kindle or iBooks. Now with that said, we of course have the iPads logged into the exact same B&N account, but we are normally reading different books. This is what happens....I open the app on the iPad, and it opens the book my wife is reading because she was reading on her iPad the previous night. Well it opens her book on mine, so then I go back to the library, and open my book. Then later on when my wife wants to read, she opens the Nook app on her iPad and you guessed it, the book I'm reading then opens on hers. We go back and forth like this everyday and it's pretty annoying. So again simple question...How can I disable the sync? Thanks!!

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Re: I want to disable last page sync

I have the exact opposite problem. Sync doesn't work. I want to open a book I was reading on my nook on my Mac, but it won't go to the last page I was reading. Or if I open it on my phone still doesn't open to the last page I was reading.

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Re: I want to disable last page sync

There is a menu option when you have a book open on your Nook to disable file synching.  I don't have my Nook in front of me, so I can't remember the exact menu item, but if you disable synching in one book from your Nook, it disables the sharing across all the devices/apps you are using.  I have never seed/used the iPad app, so I don't know if you can change the settings from that app as well, but I know you can do it from the Nook itself. 

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