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Newbie needs help getting books onto iphone nook app

Ok, I do consider myself pretty technologically savvy but I am feeling pretty frustrated right now.... I have the nook app downloaded on my iphone and the nook for pc.  When I first downloaded the nook app for my iphone I downloaded The Count of Monte Cristo throught the iphone just to play around with a free book.  I didn't have any problem downloading it (I think it was one of the free Google books).  I then decided I wanted to download last Friday's free book which was Heart of the Witch.  It is now in My Nook Library online and in my Nook for PC library.  However I cannot seem for the life of me to get the darn thing onto my iphone.  When I open my Nook for iphone app it is just not there.  When I click on the "shop" link and I scroll down to the bottom and click on order status I can see the order and the status says "shipped".  When I click on the order number it shows the correct book and shows "item being delivered electronically" but there is nothing on this screen where I can download from or anything.


I have also tried to download another free classic (Tom Sawyer) and I am having the same problem.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  I tried to call customer service and it was a total joke.  They were no help at all.





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