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Nook books won't load on PC app

I have a nook, just bought a netbook for travel, and installed the Nook for PC app on the netbook.  The Nook for PC software does not show any of my book when I try to sync my library.  I have tried several of the suggestion on this forum (deleted the library data file in the apdata folder, uninstalled and reinstalled the Nook for PC software, logged off and on again...etc). Nothing has resulted in my books showing up in the "my library" section of Nook for PC.  Does anyone know how to fix this.  Netbook is a Toshiba running Windows 7 Starter.

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Re: Nook books won't load on PC app

Please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665) and choose option 2 for Digital Support.  Please let us know if your issue was resolved.

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Re: Nook books won't load on PC app

Ray from Nook Digital Support did a great job of troubleshooting this one.  Did both things recommend on this forum (delete data base file [ClientAPI.db] and removed-downloaded-reinstalled Nook PC) and also deleted the Barnes & Noble folder in the Windows 7 Documents folder.  We don't know if that was the only problem and would have fixed it, but my computer's clock was also three days ahead of the current date.  This adds two more things to check for those who are still having problems seeing their Nook Library in Nook PC. 


Prior to finding the solution Ray did offer a workaround to add one book at a time to the Nook PC My Files folder:  Even when none of your My Library is not showing, you can download a book [from your Barnes and Noble Nook account on-line] that you have previously purchase to the computer with the Nook PC.  I downloaded it to my Downloads Folder on the netbook then click on the ADD NEW ITEM button at the top of the My Stuff folder, locate the book you downloaded in the Downloads folder.  Once in the My Stuff folder, and signed into my nook account [even though I had no books showing in My Library] the book I had downloaded was readable.  Had I not been allowed to sign in it would have prompted me to unlock the file.  This can apparently be done by entering the name on the credit card you charge your books to and then entering the credit card number when prompted.

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Re: Nook books won't load on PC app (one solution)

I also had a problem with nookbooks showing up in my "Nook for PC" application.  I followed the recommended steps (signed out, signed back in, rebooted, uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted the hidden library file, etc. -- not necessarily in that order, since some steps I tried more than once).  I had tried every suggestion so far posted on these boards and also had had a discussion with technical support and had tried and implemented every step they said I should take.  Still no books loading in my library.


My problem is finally resolved, however, and here's the solution that helped me (in case anyone else is struggling with this problem).  It was the account setting to automatically download recent books.  Apparently I had a few problem titles in my library that would not download to the PC for various reasons (for example, one was a nookColor title only).  And that was preventing the software from moving on to the next step of loading my library list into the reader for me to see.  Once I unchecked that automatically download option, everything was fine. 


Now I can either delete the problem titles from my library, or simply manually download all new purchases in future.  I offer this solution FWIW in case anyone else has been struggling with this problem.



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Re: Nook books won't load on PC app

Thank you so much!  My problem was just that my computer's clock was wrong!


I have a new Acer Aspire One netbook running Windows 7 starter and I could not get Nook for PC to sync.  I uninstalled, reinstalled, signed out of iPhone and did all sorts of things but come to find out it was just that my computer's clock was set to 2 or 3 days ahead and I hadn't noticed.


Once I fixed the date all of my books showed up.  Thank you again!

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Re: Nook books won't load on PC app

Thanks for posting this, it was the date being wrong on my PC that finally fixed it!

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