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Nook vs. Kindle and new releases

I do not understand the difference between the Nook and Kindle and new releases.  Help me decide which to buy.


I see the some on the NEW RELEASES that I want are available on the nook right away and not on the Kindle. Is this always the case? What is the difference with this. I like to read the new releases when they come out and do not want to wait months for it to be available.

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Re: Nook vs. Kindle and new releases

This is the wrong forum for the question, this being the forum for B&N's reader software for PCs, Mac, and iPhones.


But to answer your question: there is no answer. All of the e-book stores try to get the latest releases as quickly as they can. Sometimes one gets them ahead of another. The difference is usually a matter of a day or so.


The NOOK lets you shop from a variety of e-book stores. Pretty much any e-book store except Amazon, who puts their e-books in a proprietary format that only Amazon knows how to work with. This gives you more opportunity to buy from whatever e-book store has the title you want, at the best price.


The Kindle can only buy (big name) e-books from Amazon. If Amazon doesn't have it, you can't get it. Right now Amazon is in contract negotiations with Penguin, and can't sell Penguin e-books released after last March. A number of big-name e-books are simply not available on Amazon, such as Jim Butcher's Changes and Charlaine Harris's Dead in the Family, until the contract is settled. Kindle owners can't buy those e-books anywhere else, so all they can do is wait.


Also, e-books that are bought from Amazon can only be read on a Kindle or on Kindle apps for devices like the iPhone and iPad. Anyone who wants to switch from Kindle to another reader will no longer be able to use the e-books that they bought from Amazon.

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Re: Nook vs. Kindle and new releases

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Nice summary, Doug!


I would also like to add that the most common type of file for eBooks is called epub (since this is the extension it uses - i.e. filename.epub ).


In addition to being able to purchase from more places with the nook over the kindle, there are also a number of places where you can find/get free eBooks, but as far as I know, those places also only use the epub extension.


Other benefits of the nook include the ability to sideload books onto the nook itself AND via a microSD card (allowing you to store even MORE books on the nook.


The nook will connect directly to the B&N store via a 3G connection, but you can also connect the nook to the internet (and use the beta browser) via wifi (using any unsecured wifi connect, or even a secure one if you know what the creditials for it are).


In the interest of full disclosure - Amazon recently announced an upcoming update to their software which will allow for improved organization of eBooks on the kindle, but the nook does not support this - yet (you can organize them in folders, but it displays them in a single flat list -- Improved Organization capabilities is one of the most requested features for future software updates, and with Amazon just announcing such for the Kindle, everybody is hoping that the nook developers will add very soon).



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Re: Nook vs. Kindle and new releases

@ travelerTY,


Aside from the other suggestions you've gotten, if you do a Google search on nook v kindle, you should be able to compare the features and decide which device is right for you.  


There are also a lot of discussions on this forum about availability, as well as price, of new releases between the nook and kindle.  With the kindle, you buy from Amazon; with the nook, if you don't like the price, you have other websites you can buy from.

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