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PC Reader & Windows 7

I love my Nook Color tablet, it works very well. I also have an android tablet and the Nook app works great on that too. I have a Windows 7 tablet and I am having nothing but trouble with the Nook for PC app on that machine. When I called B&N tech support they told me that the app only works on PCs not tablets. I explained that it is a native Windows 7 machine and it should not matter, they still were positive that it is because it is a tablet. Am I missing something? I cannot sign in to the account via the app, and if I try to download one of my magazines it says they are having technical difficulties.


I read other posts that turning on the acceptance of all cookies helped, but that didn't work for me. So anyone have any thoughts regarding this or my tablet not being a PC?

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Re: PC Reader & Windows 7

I found your question because I was searching with a similar question, and I see although you posted it two years ago, nobody has responded.


I notice that Barnes and Noble rarely answers questions on these forums, and when they do have an initial response that doesn't address the issue, they drop out of the thread.  My last few attempts to buy from were frustrated by errors on the site, and when I called the support number I got a message to call back during normal office hours.  Although I'm a Barnes & Noble member, I ended up going to Amazon for those products.


It seems that B. & N. is relying on customers to support themselves because they don't want to spend money on support.  It seems to me they should spend the money needed to solve customer problems, and then use what they learn to fix their systems so that less support is needed.

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