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PLEASE HELP! Images not Displaying on Mac ereader

Hi there,


I purchased 4 Hour Body and downloaded it onto my Macbook. I do not have a Nook, I intended to read it on my Macbook.

Here's my problem: The book opens, and I can read all the text, but I cannot see any images (and there are a lot of images in this book, the most important being exercise demonstrations, before-and-afters, etc).


I have called BN customer service THREE TIMES. The first time the rep downloaded the book onto a nook to verify that there were indeed images in the book and he confirmed that there are images. As he put me on a hold one last time, he dropped my call instead.


The second time I called I spent 20 minutes on hold waiting for the rep to download the book onto a nook and a mac when then the call was dropped AGAIN from their side.


The third time I tried calling (right after being dropped) I was informed that their customer service department was closed. &^%$#@!!!!!


I have tried uninstalling the ereader and reinstalling. Archiving and unarchiving the book. Deleting the book and redownloading. I am supremely frustrated by this, and even more frustrated by the clumsy Barnes & Noble Customer Service. Not to mention I informed them of this situation via the contact form on the website and have yet to hear anything back.


Please, someone, give me an answer here or give me a refund Barnes & Noble!


Btw, I have Mac OS X 10.5.8 running.


~Supremely Flustered :womanmad:


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Re: PLEASE HELP! Images not Displaying on Mac ereader

I am having the exact same problem with the same book. Here was my experience before I even recognized the issue you refer to.

I could not download the ebook after about 7 or 8 attempts. It kept stopping at relatively the same point in the download and then crashing.

So I send an email about the issue and they give me the tip about changing the name of the file from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_epub.v2.epub to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.epub - so I begin to wonder how this applies to me as I CANNOT EVEN FINISH DOWNLOADING THE FILE TO GET TO A POINT TO CHANGE ITS NAME - DUHHHH!!!

So I finally get it downloaded and now this - no images.



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Re: PLEASE HELP! Images not Displaying on Mac ereader

In my opinion, this problem with the images not being displayed on the Mac should have been straightened out at least a couple of months ago.  This problem is existing way too long.

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