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Purchasing eBooks with gift cards

Since I live abroad, I can not buy eBooks on line.


I would like to know if every time I came to US, if I go to a store and buy a gift card, paying cash, I will be able to later redeem eBooks. From any country I am.

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Re: Purchasing eBooks with gift cards

I do not believe so, I don't think it is the payment method that is the issue, it's either the billing address (and you have to put in a credit card even if you are using gift cards to purchase) or the location of your ISP/IP address.  I tried to purchase from a UK store and I didn't even get to the payment part when it told me there were geographical restrictions and it couldn't sell the book to me.


B&N has been quite upfront about not being able to buy books internationally at this time.

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Re: Purchasing eBooks with gift cards


That is correct, although when it comes to Canada, having a Canadian billing address and CC would not preclude a customer from placing an eBook order.  When you create an account on you can input a Canadian credit card with a Canadian billing address and save them as your defaults.

 If you are living in or visiting Canada you can shop our eBook store and download eBooks to your B&N eReader supported devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Mac and PC. This also includes the NOOK.

 Although we are not selling NOOK in Canada (or anywhere outside of the United States) at this time, if you are using NOOK in Canada you will be able to sync to your B&N eBooks library and access our eBook store via Wi-Fi (not 3G).




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