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Reading book on two different apps?

I have a Nook but am currently at work on my lunch break - can I download a Nook app and read my book from here without removing it or moving it from my Nook? Can I read the same book on two different apps at the same time?

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Re: Reading book on two different apps?

Yes, your book will download to multiple devices as long as they are registered to your B&N account and, yes, you can read simultaneously.  As I write this I have the same book open on both my PC and my iPod Touch.  I suspect, though, that you're really asking if you can read a book on your nook when you have it with you and when you don't have it with you, read it on another device that runs a nook application.  That answer also is yes.  In fact, if your other device has an Internet connection when you open your book on it, it should open at a point pretty nearly where you left off on your nook, and vice versa.  (Because the pages render slightly differently from platform to platform, I have found that the syncing function is not perfectly precise between devices, but is reasonably accurate.)  

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