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Sorting Books by Subject

I found the question I wanted on the forum, but it was in 2010 and no one had an answer to it. I was hoping by now it had been addressed:  "On the Nook, we can sort  our library by date, author, or title.  I want to be able to sort my books by subject....biographies, classics, thrillers, sports, etc.  These categories are already available in 'search or browse by subject' in the Nook Shop.  That makes sense because that's the way the stores are set up -- by subject.  I want my Library set up the same way.  Sorting by author or title gives me a 'jumbled' list without any connection to the type of book that it is.  Why not let me put all the mysteries in one group, cookbooks in another, classics in another, and so forth.  That way when I look by subject, I only have to look in one place.  I don't have to remember the author or title or date.  Use the same categories in the 'Shop' and apply them to the 'Library'. "  Thanks!

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Re: Sorting Books by Subject

Your best bet would be to create 'shelves' for those categories and place them there. You'll still have the main list with all of the eBooks, but you can go to a shelf and then sort by author-title-most recent.
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Re: Sorting Books by Subject

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Re: Sorting Books by Subject

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You can in Nook Study- create several folders (or "courses") by type, then right click on each book to file in  the appropriate folder.

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