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Suggestions to improve Barnes & Noble Nook App for Android

Suggestions for Android Nook App:

I should preface my post by saying that I have owned a Nook Color for over a year and would prefer to be purchasing all of my ebooks from Barnes & Noble. However, since purchasing my android tablet (Asus Transformer Prime) I use that more frequently for reading because it has a huge screen and is more capable than my Nook Color for other functions.

Since purchasing the android tablet, I have been buying Kindle Books and using the Kindle app due to certain issues that in my opinion are much better addressed by the Kindle app for my style of reading. I read in bed at night while my wife sleeps, I also read quite frequently in places outside of my home, where wi-fi is unavailable (doctor's offices, etc...).

Here are a few suggestions for the Barnes & Noble Nook App that, if implemented, would have me purchasing more Nook Books:

1. Get rid of the white outline around the outside of the page in “Night Mode”. It's very distracting, uses extra power to display the line and creates additional light in a darkened room. The Kindle App has a perfect “Night Mode” (totally black background/white text) with no extraneous white lines on the edge of the page. I realize you want to be fancy & have each page look more like a paper book, but it doesn't work in the real world.

2. Create an “offline” dictionary!!!! This is really important to me. If I'm reading a Nook Book, don't have access to wi-fi and need to look up a word there's no access to the dictionary. How hard is it to implement an offline dictionary?  The Kindle App has one. Create an offline dictionary as an add-on option please!

3. I'm not sure why, but on my android tablet the Kindle text looks clearer and more well defined than the Nook text. Changing the font does not help clear up the outer edges of the Nook app text. It still looks less defined and somewhat “fuzzier” than the Kindle text fonts. Improve the quality of the fonts please (font quality on the Nook Color is definitely not a problem so you do know how to get this right). It is possible that my android is not rendering the Nook App fonts properly.

One final note, (this is for the actual Nook Color, not the Nook App) please change the “Night Mode” on the Nook Color. Allow an option for a pure black background instead of the gray background. If you are reading in total darkness the gray background is distracting and not dark enough. Reading my Nook Color in bed at night with night mode is not an option for me because even the gray background brightens the room enough to bother my wife. Add a black background as an option please. A totally black background with white text will also save battery power. Thank you!

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