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Two Page View

Is there any way to configure the Nook app for Windows 8.1 to display a book with two facing pages? With 11 inch tablets in 16x9 aspect ratio, a single page in landscape mode is way too wide for your eyes to scan the long lines. In portrait  mode, a single page is way too long. A view with 2 facing pages would be the perfect way to read books.


If not, B&N, could you consider adding this option to your Nook app for Windows?



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Re: Two Page View

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The Android version does provide a 2 page view in landscape mode. It is enabled in Settings. Is there no similar setting in the Windows version?

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Re: Two Page View

That's odd.  The Nook for PC I'm running (on Win7 now but I've been using it since XP) automatically goes to two side-by-side pages when I expand the program window wide enough.  Don't see why the program for 8.1 would run differently.

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Re: Two Page View

NookStudy also supports two-page view.  Though, I'm not sure how much B&N is actually supporting NookStudy these days.  It's not listed among the available apps.  I had to do a search for it, and it doesn't list Win8 as one of the supported OS, just XP, Vista and Win7.
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