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Using Nook apps on a Netbook

The Nook Color appeals to me, but the non-replaceable battery is a worry. Also, for only about $50 more I could get a netbook which would be bulkier, but do a lot more.


Anyone here use Nook apps on a netbook for general reading? How does it work out for you?

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Re: Using Nook apps on a Netbook

I've used the Nook app on the computer but I like it less than using an ereader. I have a Netbook by Asus and while it works nicely for short reading, I like to get comfortable and often curl up on the couch when reading and I haven't found a good way to do this with my netbook. The screen size isn't an issue though if you want to read at a table or desk. Trying to read on a netbook in a car creates other problems too if you want to read when traveling. (I've tried reading and playing games on mine on longer trips and ended up just putting it away.)  I own a Nook and another ereader and my honest opinion is to go for the NookColor instead of a netbook. In the long run it has been more convenient to do so.

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Re: Using Nook apps on a Netbook

Personally, I prefer the NOOKcolor vs. a Netbook anytime.

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