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WindowsPhone 7 - MS & BN Settle!

With the settlement of the dispute between MS & BN, and MS now having a share in the Nook pool... I PLEAD with BN to release an app for WP7 and not wait until WP8 & Windows 8 are released.


I bet, since you now have a partnership relationship with MS, they will even help you with the development of the app. I am so not a developer, but, I understand, that developing for WP7 is so much easier than any other phone OS.


PLEASE - WP7 APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: WindowsPhone 7 - MS & BN Settle!

Assuming they haven't already been working on an app, even if they started work tomorrow they would be hard pressed to have an app out before WP8. I expect that if you see a WP7 app at all it will be released in conjunction with the Windows 8 and WP8 releases.

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