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iPad Nook app Not Downloading e-book

I am using the iPad Nook app. I have two problems occurring.

1. When I try to access through the app, the following message appears each time "Sorry, we were unable to connect to"

     My typical solution to this is resorting to my web browser and gong directly to BN's website. However my next problem occurs through going through that route as well.


2. I can only buy e-books by going to through my web browser on my iPad since my Nook app has a kink in the system. I have bought a book and when I have gone to download the book I am given met with this option:

      A. To download the book through two other apps that I have, DocsAnywhere and SundryNotes. None of  which are compatible with ebooks.

I have also tried download the book through my NOOK Kids app, that winds up being the same headache.


How can I get the $13 e-book that I purchased downloaded to my NookApp?!



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Re: iPad Nook app Not Downloading e-book

Have you actually signed into your BN account through the Nook app? You tap on the Nook logo in the upper left hand corner, type in the email address thst you used to set up your account at and tap sign in. You should then - assuming you have an internet connection - be able to sync the app to your BN librsry and download the book.
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Re: iPad Nook app Not Downloading e-book

cannot get ipad to open books i have purchased from fictwise

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