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1.3.0 is not downloading to my Nook Color?

Why is my download not working?  I transfered it from my computer to my NOOK but its not updating?  Can I force it to download?  Please help!  I had it on all night and now the batter needs recharged

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Re: 1.3.0 is not downloading to my Nook Color?

First, recharge you battery all the way. You can't do the update on a low battery.


Second, make sure you haven't unzipped the file you downloaded. Also make sure you copy it to the root folder on your NookColor (not inside any other folder). Then, as soon as it goes to "sleep", it should start the update. If it doesn't, then something else is wrong. 


You might also want to check the file you downloaded and see if it downloaded completely. The filesize should be about 177 MB. If it is smaller than that, delete it and download again.


If you have tried all those and still aren't updating, give us a little more details such as if you are rooted or running CM7 off a sd card, etc. 

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Re: 1.3.0 is not downloading to my Nook Color?

I just manually updated my Nook Color yesterday and I had to try 4 or 5 times to get the process to work.  I have done the manual update before (last update) and had the instructions right in fromt of me which I was following to a T (as far as I could tell).  It would start with the file and then stop saying there was some kind of problem (don't recall the exact words as I didn't right them down).  I got it to work on finally but I don't know why it worked that time and  not the others.  I say if you're clear on the process try several times before giving up.


My NC is not rooted (nor has it ever been).


Hope you get it to work.  I know I was getting frustrated (and worried) but it worked out.



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Re: 1.3.0 is not downloading to my Nook Color?

We have 2 NCs here and I had trouble with getting 1 to update to 1.2. I ended up connecting it to my pc and downloading the update directly into its root directory as if it was another harddrive. After ejecting and disconnecting, put it to sleep and it updated. This has also worked for some with 1.3.
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Re: 1.3.0 is not downloading to my Nook Color?

I followed steps on BN no problem. I downloaded to my pc then Plugged NC to pc with USB cable, Dragged the Zip File to MYcolor nook main dir..DID NOT UNZIP file. I safely removed usb. put NC to sleep and about 5 minuyes it started upgrading

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Re: 1.3.0 is not downloading to my Nook Color?

I had no problem doing the 1.2 update myself via sideloading, but the 1.3 just wouldn't take.  I checked the file size, and it was OK.  I was going to a B&N store that evening, so I just handed my NC to the Nook expert there.  She took it to the back and brought it to me an hour later, and said it took her 4 tries to get it to work.  I didn't think to ask her what finally made it work, but it was a great way for me to avoid a lot of aggravation!