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A Question about a Path to go from 1.1/AutoNooter 3 to 1.2/ManualNooter

I've AutoNootered my 1.1 NC and I really like it a lot. I have the apps I want etc.


I like what the NC 1.2 firmware can offer so I've been waiting for the Next Autonooter . . . the threads here about the "Manual Nooter" process are very encouraging so I'm thinking about taking the plunge.


How do I get from 1.1 / Autonooter 3 to 1.2 / MAnual Nooter?


How do I restore all of my apps? Will I loose my user data, like my completed Angry Birds levels or Shadow Era deck, and experience points? (Awesome game, BTW - It's like a "Magic the Gathering Lite")


I have done some backups to the SD card with Titanium Backup . . . will this help?

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Re: A Question about a Path to go from 1.1/AutoNooter 3 to 1.2/ManualNooter

You would have to go back to stock from autonooter 3, update to 1.2 via sideloading it from the B&N site, then do the manual nooter.  I had never autonooted before, but from what I have read the manual nooting process isn't any more difficult than autonooting.  I love my rooted NC, and if I can do it, anybody can!

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Re: A Question about a Path to go from 1.1/AutoNooter 3 to 1.2/ManualNooter

My advice (and I ate my own cooking here, over the weekend for me, last night for She Who Must Be Pleased) is to do it this way:


- install Titanium


- do the most complete batch backup with Titanium that you can. 


- make a CWR disk

- add the  stock recovery image (to 1.0.1) to that

- reboot from CWR

- format /system, /data, /cache

- install 1.0.1

- boot

- skip out of box experience - your backups witll be a bitch to restore if you reregister

your device, but you need your device to be able to connect to your PC so you can drop

a file on it

- drop the 1.2 update onto your now-stock 1.0.1 device

- let your device go to sleep and update

- copy both the manual nooter and the Ham And Cheese app installer patch to your CWR


- if your device tries again to register on restart wtih 1.2, skip OOBE again.

- restart from teh CWR card. 

- root and apply the app install patch

- boot and get the Market working so you can install Titanium

- restore your backup

- reboot.


Once you reboot, you should be registered again, your content should be there,

your old wifi settings should be preserved.



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