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Re: Angry Issues


riffrafff wrote:











I wuved my Amiga....   *sniff*


I love that picture. Do you remember the Red screen that would come up if the Amiga crashed similar to the windows blue screen of death? Imagine my surprise back in the late 90's when I was flipping through channels and hit one of the community channels on Time Warner Cable and all of a sudden the Red Screen came up. I was shocked. I had no idea Time Warner had Amiga's running on those channels. It was running the Real Estate ads.  Man, I miss those days sometimes.


Amiga was the best example of Advanced tech that was out before its time. They even used it  with the Amiga Toaster (video hardware/software) to make the Babylon 5 tv show.

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Re: Angry Issues

Thank you, I had the same problem and it seems to be working now. Thanks Again,


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Re: Angry Issues