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Inspired Wordsmith
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Re: B&N must be proud

I bought my NC two weeks ago.  I researched it carefully before I bought it.  I wanted a reader and I wanted something for some light web surfing (AM newspapers and blogs.)  It does everything I bought it to do.  It doesn't do all the things an iPad or an un-rooted NC can do.  I never expected it would, so I'm not disappointed. 


I have no intentions of rooting it.  BUT I think it's really cool that I could if I wanted to.  I think it's really cool that B&N allows discussion about it here; clearly, it doesnt' threaten them.  I think it's cool that, should I change my mind someday, I know I can find out how to do it here.  Mostly, I skip ove threads about rooting, because they just don't apply to the way I use my NC; but that's no hassle.  Why shold it bother me that they're there? 


Rooting opens up possibilities that one may or may not need/want, and yes, it's theoretically risky.  But that's no reason not to allow discussion.

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Re: B&N must be proud

I personally use the fact that nookColor can be rooted as a selling point to more tech savvy customers. This usually comes up as a point of the hardware capabilities rather than software limitations. I also have many regular customers who have rooted their nooks come into the store regularly and show me the new things they have put on them. In fact, I think people may be surprised at how many B&N employees have their NC's rooted.

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Re: B&N must be proud

Maybe BN allows posting on rooting because this is a free country and you are allowed your opions. Just because someone reads about rooting doesn't mean they will do it or know how to do it. It does show that that the nook has a lot of capabilities that haven't been tapped into yet; which is a really good thing. My first Nook cost me 250 about a year after they came out and now they are 150 and for Christmas I got the color; I love both of my devices. There are issues with them like; to save a word doc on the color with color objects on it only shows up in black n white on the nookcolor so I saved it in PDF and that took care of that; I have to go online to archive on the color; when downloading the magazines I have to do each one individully which is a pain but at least it's do-able. it'll be great if and when there are more things for the nook color but as an ereader I love it. I choose it over the other ones (kindle, sony,etc)because it's more compatible with different formats than most. B/N doesn't care if you buy your books from them or someone else. The color is unique and B/N allows people to make thier own decisions about what they put on it after they buy it; so that is great. Of all of the things that do irratate me about it is that in order to put CD books or music on it you have to change the format and that is something most of us aren't used to doing so it's a little intimidating. Hopefully that will change with the update but I'm not going to stop liking my nook or my nook color if it never happens.

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Re: B&N must be proud

I question B&N allowing those discussions on their boards.


Fine, complain to the company, not the users.   Or move to some country that stifles free thinking people, their ideas, speech and lives.


I work with hundreds of people who ask advise on purchasing electronics.


How does working in the WalMart Electronics section, or at BestBuy give you ANY credibility in these discussions?


When I recommended the NookColor to others, I was fully aware of its limitations, and made a judgment call that it would be the best device for them over a more full featured, higher priced device. 


Isn't the Nook Color only sold at BN?   If that is the case, on one hand, you think Rooting topics or discussions are wrong, and on the other, being disloyal to your employer is right?  


Some have questioned my audacity in starting this thread since I do not own a NC.  I offer my apologies to this community if questioning the policies of the parent company are offensive to you.


Again, why not take it up with the people who have the power to change what you are so offended by?   Are you so self centered and egotistical that you thought everyone here would agree with your views and bow down to your demands?


I was, and still am a potential customer, for NCs as gifts for members of my family.


I'm not buying it.  I think you have deep seated issues that need to be resolved and coming here is just a way of trying to make yourself feel better as you engage in disparaging others by trying to show us how wrong and inconsiderate we are for discussing something as trite as rooting a Nook Color.   If this is what you have to do to make yourself feel important, you need help.   Please get it.   But not here. 


I for one think B&N should be proud of the NC.  I also give them credit for letting us discuss rootinghere, and not trying to stifle conversations relating to rooting.   If they did, what would be next?   Notalk about Covers, since B&N sells their own line of covers?   How about Skins?   Should we notdiscuss those either?    How about what books we can or cannot reed on our NC?   Should we notdiscuss other E book vendors?   Where will it stop?   

Get help.  Seriously.   Something other than B&N allowing rooting discussions on their board isbugging you.   Life is way too short to be angry and depressed.   In a world filled with light, you seeonly darkness.  In a world filled with wild flowers, you see only weeds.   The sun rises in such abeautiful way each day to let us know that we have a world of opportunities and beauty at ourfinger tips.   It sets the same way each day to let us know that tomorrow will be just as filled withopportunity and joy.  You don't have to live in the darkness.  Come out into the light and experienceall that is good and wonderful and be happy about it.   Seriously.    Get some help. 

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Re: B&N must be proud

My son made a point that I hadn't considered.  B&N probably likes all the folks that are experimenting with their Nooks.


All they have to do is monitor the boards to see what works and what doesn't.  It's called free R&D!

Life is not about weathering the storms, it's about learning to dance in the rain!

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Re: B&N must be proud

I sure hope that B&N are proud of the Nook Color :-)


First, I picked up the Nook Color with some money I received for the holidays. I was going to save up for an iPad but I really didn't like the size and weight of the iPad. I tried the Nook Color in the store and felt that it was just what I was looking for in a color e-reader. I knew nothing about "rooting the Nook", I just knew that it was perfect for what I needed. I read a lot of non-fiction books and PDF files and it did what I needed for a color e-reader to do!


A month later I find out about "rooting the Nook Color". It seemed a bit complicated from the instructions (I am not fluent in Linux) so I held off from trying it for a while. Once I did take the plunge I was happy with the new apps that I had access to. 


I still use my Nook Color for reading 85% of the time. I use the apps to find out the weather, news and for a better PDF reader than the stock one on the Nook Color. 


I feel that the Nook Color is a great e-reader! Even if I didn't root it, I would still feel it is a great e-reader! I purchased it for the features it had, not for its "rootability". It is a great product and I feel it is a much better value than the iPad. 

Inspired Scribe
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Re: B&N must be proud

I suspect that if B&N took umbrage with rooting posts, they would have more moderators and simply delete the posts/threads like other companies do when they disagree with the content.  Or ban the offending posters. 

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