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Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

Ok so im thinking about rooting my Nook but I cant decide whether to do it from an sd card or just root the Nook itself. Any thoughts on which way is better and why would be appreciated. Also I want to have netflix so will this work either way? Roustabout gave me great info but I just wanna be sure im doing it the right way. Also which way is easier and if I root the nook itself can it be reset to stock?
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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

Yes, you can reset to stock after rooting. Each method of rooting yeilds different results, so there is no "best way" to do it, just preference. Rooting internal is typically more stable, but more involved to unroot. But its still relatively simple. Make sure all sideloaded content is backed up which ever method you choose. What I did was manul nooter the internal os so I can keep all of what is good about the original setup, especially the BN market. Then I flashed a dual boot cm7(phiremod?)/HC sd card to explore those possibilities. HC is not for me, and phiremod is mostly only different in appearance and navigation as far as I can tell. I prefer manual nooter by far, so most likely I will just formad the sd card and go back to using it for storage.
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Re: Better to root from SD card or Nook directly?

I use the SD card method.  I have the extended warranty and didn't want to void it, and with my luck, if something happened to my NC it would probably be the screen--which would make it difficult to take it back to stock.  Also, I don't have any app based platforms or toys so had no idea what the big deal was about apps etc.  The SD method is very simple and is a safe way to see if rooting is even the way you want to go.  They say Netflix will work with either method but I don't use it at all so don't know.

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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

KidneyKid wrote:
Ok so im thinking about rooting my Nook but I cant decide whether to do it from an sd card or just root the Nook itself.

Perhaps one way to get an an answer to which method would be to ask the question:  Why are you thinking about rooting?


I'm rooted on a uSD.  Why?  Because I like the stock NC reader format better than the nook app.  Because i wanted to be able to return my NC to stock condition easily.  Because my computer skills probably peaked 10 years ago.  Because my need/desire for apps is much smaller than my desire for a great book reader.  Because I don't have an android phone (or touchscreen phone) so this is my first foray into the android marketplace.  because I wanted to see if I could root and give myself some more options.  Because i did want the Documents to Go app so that with an external bluetooth keyboard i don't have to take my laptop on business the one or two business trips that require me to fly each year.  (The NC is going no matter what, and have you taken your laptop through the airport lately.  Pain in the.....)


And i could probably go on, but you get the idea.  it really depends on what you are comfortable doing, and what you want from your machine. 


If you do go uSD card, make sure you have the dual boot option.   this will mean that you don't have to remove the uSD card when booking to stock. 


Good luck!


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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

I like booting CM7 from the SD card, as opposed to "rooting" the emmc (the flash memory that has stock 1.2 B&N on it). A quick note..."rooting" is getting admin access to the current software you're running on the Nook Color, which is a very restrictive modification of Android 2.2, or as it's commonly know, Froyo, . When you boot another operating system from the SD card (in this case, a modified version of Android 2.3, known as Gingerbread; you get admin access at the start, or "root" access if you're familiar with Unix/Linux).


Right now, CM7 is probably your best option if you want to boot from the SD card; most things work, though the battery life isn't as good as stock 1.2. For new users, I'd stick with "stable" releases (leave the nightly updates to the beta testers!); currently, CM7's last stable is 7.0.3, though I still am at 7.0.2 (I'm waiting to CM7 to go "final", before I upgrade, as everything is working for me...that will probably happen when they lick the battery life issue). If you do go this way, I HIGHLY suggest using a Sandisk Class 4 card (8 or 16 gigs is fine); that card works great for me, and it seems to be the most consistent one out there. I use XDA's Verygreen method at the link below:


I'm holding off of installing this to the emmc for a few is, as mentione before, there are advantages to leaving stock emmc alone. One is being able to take update software to the stock emmc from B&N without worrying about losing your root (as happened with autonooter users from the last upgrade). It makes it easier to service your Nook, as you can just send it in without the SD card, and not worry about flashing it back to stock. Using the dual boot option (you can find it with a quick search of XDA, I don't have to pull the SD card out to get to the original stock software, and I get to take advantage of both environments. 


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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

I have used a Mirco SD card to run Honeycomb and gain access to the android market place.


I didnt really want to "root" the NC as i liked the stock software from b&n, and i was just looking at what was actually availble on the android market app area.


I would recomend doing it first on the SD card method just to see if you like the android honeycomb or Froyo or cm7 software.



And there was Nookcolor :smileyhappy:

...Running Honeycomb from Mirco SD and dual Boot!

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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

I'm running CM7 off of the SD card, and I love it!

In the beginning, I was playing around with other apps including reading apps from Android market, and have decided that the Nook app that came with the stock is the best one out there.

Personally, I've found out that I use the NC mostly for reading, but being able to use other capabilities that came from the Android market proved to be useful from time to time.

Also, I do most of my readings in bed right before I go to sleep.

So, usually I fall alseep without turning off the NC. :smileytongue:

But thanks to the sleep mode available on the stock, I don't have to worry about draining the battery.


If you're like me, I'd recommend rooting CM7 on the SD card.



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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

For me running CM7 from the SD card is perfect.  I don't own a smart phone and just wanted to see what the Android market was all about.


I like the NC stock for reading but there are definitely advantages to CM7.  I watched Netflix movies by just downloading the app.  I was able to log into my email at work remotely (which never worked on the NC).  There have been posts about a battery problem with CM7 but I have actually experienced better battery life with it.  And, it runs very fast even off the card. 



It's nice to have options.  My gratitude to all the developers who work so hard to give us these remarkable options.

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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

I have the NC running nookie Froyo on SD for quite a while, dual-booting from time to time to switch between the SD or the internal ROM. Last week, I have finally rooted my NC using ManualNooter and like it a lot. I have since then reformat the SD card for external storage. I now only boot from the internal rooted ROM.

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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

Running CM7.0.3 and Phiremod 6.3 on two separate sd cards.


I think I am starting to prefer the recent Phiremod as I have less "Force Close" or "Wait" issues than with CM7.


Have tried the manual nooting of 1.2 but reverted back to stock due to the Falsh 10.1 vs. 10.3 booting problem.


The ONLY reason I am not going internal with Android 2.3 is that I want to retain my in store reading capability!

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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

The CM7/Phiremod difference could be SD card related.  Phiremod is nothing more than a few cosmetic touches to CM7.  It is the same OS, with minor additions and graphical changes.  As I understand it, you could quite literally take CM7 and install a few apps and make a few tweaks (nothing involving coding) and have phiremod.  That being said, have you noticed a better battery life with Phiremod 6.3?  I'm pondering updating, but only if the battery life is improved :smileyhappy:.

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Re: Better to root from sd card or Nook directly?

[ Edited ]

I'm running uSD CM7 and I'm loving it. The trick seems to be having the right SD card and SanDisk Class 2 or 4 uSD cards are recommended. I'm using a SanDisk 8Gb Class 2 and it runs great. 


I'm running verygreen's install with release candidate CyanogenMod 7.1.0 RC0. I do need to reboot occasionally but it's very stable. Most problems I've had were either from apps not working or me messing around with things. If you're at all techie you'll have no problems with this setup and removing apps is a breeze.


With cards being $10 it's not worth it to me to poss void a warranty. Run the stable version if you're not a tech but as far as speed goes. If it actually ran faster from emmc I'd be surprised, my nook is faster than my last pc. :smileysurprised:


As was said you will want to setup a dualboot option to make switching easy and you can lose the cable for file transfers after you Modboot (boot from the uSD). There are various ways to transfer to/from your pc.