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Bookmarks / Lockup with large books on Nook Color

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I want to share a problem I encountered, and the solution I finally devised:


I purchased the NABRE Bible, which is a translation I particularly like.  It is exceedingly thoroughly cross-referenced and annotated, which means that it has boatloads of links.  It's an enormous book--19000+ pages on my NC.


The links worked well, but after I highlighted and bookmarked some passages, the book started locking up and freezing.  I worked through an online chat for over an hour with a B&N tech support person; we re-initialized the NC, and various other attempts.  Everything else was fine, but again, the NABRE Bible was locked up/frozen, stuck in Isaiah.


I went to the local store, where Chris, who knows about every trick in the book, tried to help.  After he got frustrated, he called into 2nd level support, but no joy.


But I FOUND a solution!  I have NookStudy on my computer.  I added/synced the NABRE Bible to it, which brought in the bookmarks and highlights.  I cleared the highlights and bookmarks inside NookStudy, and resynced the book.  Hooray!  The corrupt links/highlights are gone, and my Bible is perfectly readable; all cross-references and annotations work well on the NC now.


I'm wary of adding highlighting and bookmarks again to such a large volume, but at least I can use this Bible.  i may try adding my highlights inside NookStudy, and see if that works better (I do know that I ended up with some overlapping highlights by fat-fingering on the NC.) 


In case others encounter a similar problem, I hope this is helpful.

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Re: Bookmarks / Lockup with large books on Nook Color

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Re: Bookmarks / Lockup with large books on Nook Color

Generally speaking, I don't bother with the notes and high-lighting anymore since that info is kept at B&N and in the protected part of the NC, not with the book itself.  Also, if you add highlights to a book in the Nook for PC app, after you sync, empty notes show up everywhere you have high-lights.  This really clutters up the book, and you can't tell your real notes from empty notes.

That's just my opinion, you can take it for what it's worth, or just leave it alone.