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Cleaning the NC screen?

Any tips on cleaning the screen on the NC? I am expecting my anti-glare screen soon, and need to get my kid's grubby fingerprints off before i can apply the film... Thanks for any advice!
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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

The screen protectors come with a great microfiber cloth that has always worked great for me. I put my screen protector on before I even touched my screen, but I imagine that if you clean the screen really well with the microfiber cloth that you will be good to go! One great thing about the screen protectors is that they do come two to a pack, so if you mess up on the installation or if you aren't happy with the result, you can remove that one and still have another to add.

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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

I use lens cleaner I use for my camera lenses and a microfiber cloth. A tip if I may, I have found the microfiber cloths from the Dollar Store are as good as the expensive ones you get other places. I have used them for years with scratch free results. If you do not have lens cleaner, clear water from a spray bottle with a fine mist works just as well. Just remember water and electronics are a potential disaster, so use care and a very small amount of water or cleaner will suffice.

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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

I cant take credit for this as I would not have known it if others had not pointed it out but do not use windex or any type of glass cleaner on your Nook as it leaves a protective layer of filmy substance which can make the touchscreen act funny. Good luck with your protectors. I actually had the Nook person at my local B&N put mine on and it works great.
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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

Spritz the cloth very lightly, not the screen.
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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

At Walmart, they have this stuff in the electronics section called iClean.  It's a small bottle of cleaner specifically made to be safe and effective for touchscreens, and it comes with two micro-fiber cloths.

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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

I take a cotton ball and one drop of water to just moisten and wipe the screen.  Then go over it with an microfiber cloth like the ones for you glasses.  Works great.

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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

I like a product called Klearscreen.  I found it a few years back when I was looking for a good laptop screen cleaner and did some reading around.  It's made not to dehydrate LCDs and so far it's been very nice as a cleaner for laptop sceens, monitors, the LCD tv and now the nook. 


I paid 20 bucks for 8 ounces two years ago and still have most of that left.  I'll be out of good microfiber cloth before I run dry on the cleaner (and they include a fair amount of the cloth with it.) 

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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

I've just been using a baby wipe to get the fingerprints off, then polishing with a microfiber cloth.  The baby wipe really does a great job at cutting the oils without being too wet. 

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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

Because I didn't really want to buy a screen cleaner, I use a cloth that my mom gave me meant for cleaning eyeglasses. I originally used it on my iPhone, but then I got a protective cover for it, and now I use it on my nook. It gets rid of the fingerprints really well.

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Re: Cleaning the NC screen?

I have the screen protector & the microfiber cloth. - Pretty good . . . but I still leave lots of fingerprints. Of course I wash make sure my hands are clean before I use the NC, but eventually the oily skin of my finger tips leave prints . . .


At some point of build-up, the microfiber cloth just smudges the grease around.


I use another microfiber coth with a DROP of Rain-X (yellow de-icer variety) winshield wiper fluid on it. I wipe up, then dry the NC with a dry end of the cloth and I'm squeeky clean again.


I've been doing this for a while now and I detect no ill effects to the screen.


Whatever fluid we use, we should not use anything with ammonia. 

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