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Re: Cookbook is Baaaaaack

efeigenbaum wrote

It's not an ad; it's a BOOK.  Maybe it's me, but I can see a difference.


The difference is that a book usually has more than 6 pages and doesn't try to induce you to lay out more money to see how it ends. Another difference is that if you purchase a book you have control over what you can do with it. For instance you can delete or archive a book. Yet one more difference is that a book (unless it's a required textbook) is usually something you *choose* to purchase rather than being *forced* to carry in your library. If you need some clarification as to what the differences are between a book and and ad please send me a PM and I will explain further.


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Re: Cookbook is Back

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You can archive it and get off most of your views.


Have you tried to go to your B&N account and delete the sample?


B&N needs to keep some type of contact with you every 6 months to comply with your government's laws about contact and business relationships and "do not call". Maybe you should write your U.S. Senator and representative to get another law passed that does not work the way they think it should.

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Re: Reality bites ( . . . sometimes)

But, you sure have time to beat this dead horse, don't you? ----- to each, their own. Ever try to see BOTH sides of an issue?