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Downloading Youtube videos for free

My quest: Get free videos easily onto the NC so that my kids can watch them on roadtrips.


My solution:


Details: Surfed this forum and online and couldn't quite get the answer I needed, so I'm posting this and maybe other parents of young kids can benefit.


There are endless number of cartoons (and other videos) appropriate for kids on Youtube so I figured why do I need to buy anything? So I found some Veggie Tales, classic Mickey Mouse, etc. Most seem at most 10 minutes in length but that's probably long enough for my young kids' attention span.


There were some posts here about accessing directly via NC by appending "" in front of the video's URL, but for some reason that did not work for me... I got redirected appropriately, but there was always an error. So I went to via my computer and it was super easy.


Find the Youtube (or other) video. Copy in the URL where it tells you. Select mp4 format (and other optional settings). Click "start" and it starts converting. Then you can download onto your computer and/or NC. All for free, no sign up, no nothing, just need a browser.


Although moving the file from your computer to the NC is an added step (vs doing all this directly on the NC), I can see that surfing for and converting multiple videos will be much easier on the computer.


The disclaimer is that it appears this service is in "beta" stage right now in case you are queasy about such things. And I tried some "full length" movies which did not work. I'm not techie enough to know why some work and some don't, but so far the vast majority do seem to work.


Now the kids are set for the next summer roadtrip (once we rig it to take multiple earphones in order to get around the cheap audio) !!!

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Re: Downloading Youtube videos for free

Hi. Thanks for the tip on clipconverter but I'm confused. I downloaded the url and it put a small box on my laptop so that i could play the video. I know this is probably obvious, but now what? If i close this box, where will i find it again on my laptop do iet it on my NC? I would think I would drag it but I can't find it on my computer. Thanks .
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Re: Downloading Youtube videos for free

[ Edited ]

I've mentioned the free program called "Freemake" on other sites before and it's the best by far that I've seen.  You can convert practically any type of video, any size, any quality from it.  Also you can do basic video editing with it as well.  Furthermore, if you hear a song that you really like, as on Youtube music video, just copy the url, and paste it in the freemake program and then hit convert to mp3 and with in seconds you will have an mp3 of the song/audio you just saw.  I cannot possibly say enough good things about this program.  They are also on FB.

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Re: Downloading Youtube videos for free

Jawon, Thank you for the information about downloading Youtube videos. I tried it using and I was able to download the video directly to my Nook Color without the PC. I had to write down the entire URL of the video on paper (I have no idea how to copy text on the Nook Color). Then I put that information in the media URL slot on the Clip Converter website. I chose the MP4 format to convert the video and kept the video quality on the "High Quality" option. Then I pressed the button for download and the video starts downloading in the status bar. After the download is complete, you will see it in the "My Downloads" folder on your Nook. Just click on the video and it plays right on the screen. Enjoy!