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Enhanced features of ebook purchases not working

Hopefully you can share some light on my issue. :smileyhappy:


I purchased from B&N the enhanced version of "Jacqueline Kennedy, Historic Conversations..." which includes video and audio with 324 pages (not overly large).  Neither the videos nor the audio will play...just lock up and I eventually get an error that states "Activity Reader (in application Reader) is not responding" and I can either chose "wait", which does nothing, or "force close".


I have tried the suggestions of other community members of a force close & restart, etc. but nothing seems to work.  I also attempted to play them on the Nook for PC program but doesn't play there either.


I'm thinking that my NC just doesn't have the gusto or even the ability to play the enhanced features, which is a bit upsetting since I paid quite a bit more for that version but can only read and not sure why B&N would even sell an enhanced version for the NC if buyer cannot enjoy the full benefits.


Any suggestions or answers you can provide would be appreciated...thank you!

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Re: Enhanced features of ebook purchases not working

Hi redhdgirl417,


Try going into settings on your NOOK Color and turning page animations on.


Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hope this helps!


- Alex

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