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Epicurious App Revisited

I know it has been several months since the fixcodes were distributed via email, but I never used mine. Long story short: I made a mistake and deleted my Epicurious app for good from my Nook Color (or so I thought) without archiving it and didn't think I could actually use the redemption code.


Well, yesterday, when I manually downloaded and installed the latest Nook update, the Epicurious app magically appeared in my active list again...and the troubles from the summer started all over again. It would download, try to install and then tell me it couldn't install and that I would need to archive it, then unarchive it and start the process all over again. I did, several times, to the same exact Catch 22.


Unfortunately, I cannot locate the original email sent to me with the code, but I did find one in which I replied to it. The redmeption code is there in the quoted text, but the link I'm supposed to follow is no longer hyperlinked, so I cannot access the fix.


Could you please help me get this app to finally work? I would so greatly appreciate it.


Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.