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External Keyboard?

Is there a way to connect a wireless or wired keyboard to the Nook Color? And if not, what are the chances of B&N or someone engineering that?

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Re: External Keyboard?

I'm guessing the only way of doing that is by way of bluetoooth. I think I read that some folks were able to use bluetooth headsets to make skype calls on rooted nooks, so I don't see why the same principal can't be applied to a keyboard.


This reply may fall into the category of, "Oh, sure... easy for YOU to say!", but there ya have it... :smileytongue:

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Re: External Keyboard?

You can if you root. Go to XDA to find out more. I know some people got Bluetooth keyboards to work but I think it was on CM7 not the stock OS.

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Re: External Keyboard?

I think there is a youtube demo of a bluetooth keyboard working under cm7, not much range though. Might use a bit of battery....

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Re: External Keyboard?


I'm in the IT department of a small university, but have been "playing" with various Web 2.0 apps & hardware for the past couple of years.  I have found that, with an external (full-sized) keyboard, I can take notes (via email) and post them to my WordPress site as quickly as I can hand-written notes.  The iPad has a Bluetooth keyboard for about $70, that connects quickly and works well.  But, I dont' care if it is an iPad, a Nook, a Kindle, or any Android device, if a Bluetooth keyboard could hook up to them, then I could start "pushing" that device as an alternative to paper & pen.  *If there was a Bluetooth keyboard standard, that worked across the various devices, the IT department would probably fund those, and students would just have to "plop down" their device, connect to the keyboard, and start taking notes, in class, the library, or wherever, etc. 


That the devices are also content delivery mechanisms, would be "icing on the cake."

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Re: External Keyboard?

I've used the Apple BT keyboard with CM7, and it worked fine.


I have read that newer CM7 now supports plugged-in keyboards.


But I would also recommend that you look into the 7" Samsung tablet for this purpose - it's close to being as cost-effective as the NC, and it has all the standard Android hardware buttons.


I would not want to have to explain to my staff why I had installed "Button Savior" on all of the newly deployed tablets.  :smileyhappy:

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Re: External Keyboard?

I use a bluetooth keyboard with CM-7 daily, no problem.  I am not sure what button savior is but is not required with CM-7 because it comes with tablet tweaks.


I also agree, the Smasung 7" is a reasoble alternative to this approach.