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Registered: ‎08-08-2010

Frustrated with recent 'lack of quality' which is snowballing out of control.

I have been extreme pleased with Barnes & Noble until recently when it seems that their IT Support for BN internally is severely lacking!!!  Sometimes our 'day jobs' shed light into how things should and shouldn't work.  While I work with network engineers daily - it seems that Barnes & Noble needs to fire then hire some internal network engineers who care and respond to items that don't work. I don't feel it should be up to us 'John Q. Public' to find errors, flaws, and broken links to a company like Barnes & Noble.


Case in point #1   I'm sure that I am not the only person who is receiving an e-mail to review a book that you just purchased or downloaded through  But truly, you send the e-mail out within minutes of someone downloading the book?  I can read fast, but not that fast.  And then to add insult to injury you cannot unsubscribe to those e-mails as apparently the unsubscribe link doesn't work.  I first sided on the "I must be doing something wrong"side, so I asked over Nookies if they were having the same problem, and they answered YES!  I even tried to unsubscribe by using a different computer thinking that perhaps I had a wrong setting on my computer or something - but that was to no avail.


Case in point #2   Tonight when I checked my e-mail there was a bn e-mail to take a survey for bn.  Well, that form was flawed also. If you tried to answer using the form, it would jump to the bottom of the page and you could not go further to complete the survey. I was trying to post these comments there thinking that these issues might have a better chance to get to senior management, boy was I WRONG!!! 


Point #3:  It is getting harder and harder to find the Blogs and Boards. It is getting to the point that unless you have them bookmarked you can't show them to another Nook lover without send a link to their e-mail.


I have been a faithful supporter of BN and I have been responsible for steering friends, relatives, coworkers and others to purchase a Nook instead of the 'other' guys item.  I myself have purchased 12 Nooks mostly for gifts, and I've influenced at least another 20 or so to buy a Nook as I do feel that they are superior and the 'best' on the market. I started with the Nook 1st Edition and then 15 months later bought the Nook Color. 


I implore the 'powers that be of Barnes & Noble" to get engineers who maintain the website of, who oversee the backend processes, outgoing e-mails etc.... To pay attention to detail as it is items of this nature which will weigh heavily on the consumers who have yet to purchase a Nook.  As in order to 'be the best' you have to 'look' the best in all areas, especially in e-commerce.  It is the lack of paying attention to detail that very well might leave bn at the curb when a new company comes along and takes their place. 


I very frustrated GEEK!