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Google Earth

Any one knows how to instal Google earth on nook?
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Re: Google Earth

You cannot install application on the Nook, except what you find in the App store.  Its a closed system.  The hackers would disagree, but I live a vanilla life.


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Re: Google Earth

Ignacio63 wrote:
Any one knows how to instal Google earth on nook?


I have not specifically tried Google Earth, but if you wish to install apps other than those in the B&N app store you need to go through the process of "rooting" your Nook.  I would recommend that you look up the Manual Nooter thread by Deangibson:  This describes how the steps needed to enable your Nook to have access to the Android app store.  It should be noted that some apps, for example Barns and Noble's own Nook app for Android, still do not work on the Nook, so don't be surprised if an app occasionally fails.  The big advantage of this method is that you still have access to all the standard Nook functionality.  The other way to go is to root an sdcard, and then your Nook will boot from that card.  Search here and you will find many threads, here is a good resource:  The disadvantages of this method are that you do not have the Nook functionality directly and you lose the use of your internal memory, everything is from the sdcard.  The advantage is that you don't touch anything that is standard on the Nook. 


Given how easy it is to return the Nook to "stock" some of us have opted for the Manual Nooter process, and it works just great.


If you want more info or need more help, just ask.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Google Earth

Just as an FYI, even if you root Google Earth doesn't fully work because the NC does not have GPS. I use it on WiFi and it's fine, but it's better on my phone.