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Dear B&N,


  So, I have lately been thinking about getting a nook. I'm not sure which one to buy, So I love to read books and magazines and only those. I guess if I'm feeling spontaneous I could look at a cook book or a blog. And yes, I know that would be perfect with the Nook Color. Although, I feel a bit timid considering the price and lack of outdoor reading. But I would love the color and being able to browse the web, on the other hand I would love to have something less pricey and maybe a bit smaller. Also, I don't get the little part on the side. I also have a question about the Nook color. Can you move books around in the shelves and order you would like? And can u name the shelf so that you know what is for Business and things like Fantasy books, Biographies etc. Thank you for answering these questions and clarifying the details of both wonderful items.




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Re: Help

Hi BookReveiw:


Thanks for your interest in our NOOK Color! You can find all of the information that you're looking for (and more) here:


Let me know if you have any further questions! -- Sam

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Re: Help

Sam's link should have answered your question regarding bookshelves.  As to reading outside, I read outside with mine all the time.  At night!  Seriously you can use these devices to read outdoors on any bright day.  I don't think they are great in direct sun, but if you are sheltered they work just fine.  Actually I do use mine at night all the time, I like to puff on my pipe and read on my patio late in the evenings, that's a really nice perk of the backlit screen.    I don't know what you mean by "that little part on the side."  Perhaps you are referring to "sideloading" which is to connect your device to your PC or Mac and drag and drop things like .mp3s or photos or free Gutenberg books onto it.  Or maybe to the little design flair on the corner.   A microSD card can go there.

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Re: Help

As far as reading outside, you can help somewhat by getting the anti-glare screen protector. Direct bright sunlight might pose a problem, but that is so with all lcd screens. You can also set the color scheme or brightness of the screen to help when using in daylight or the dark. The little thing on the side (I presume you mean the "loop" on the bottom, left side) is a design feature. You can buy charms to clip on it or might even use a lanyard to attach it to your wrist or even a beltloop if so inclined and worried about dropping it. Mainly it is a decoration. For NOOKcolor owners this has been a kind of fun feature when seeing reviews of ereaders on tv, since it makes it easy to differentiate it from others. It also does provide an opening to the area for a microsd card.
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