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I'm a newbie and I need help, nook will not turn on.

I hope this isn't a stupid question. Anyone ever have their nook refuse to turn on? I've had it just 4 months. I haven't dropped it. It hasn't been wet. It had a full battery this morning when I booked marked and turned it off. I just picked it up again, turned it on, and the white screen came up that says nook color barnes & noble. Then it went black and won't come back on. I put it on the charger and looked around the internet for an answer but I'm still not having any luck. Please tell me I'm missing something simple that's right in front of me... I'd be so sad if my nook was already a goner after just a few months.


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Re: I'm a newbie and I need help, nook will not turn on.

I assume the NC did not come on when you plugged the charger in. Do you have an SD card in the NC? If you do try taking it out and then powering the NC up. I don't know if that will help or not but there have been other times when taking the SD card out has solved problems. How long did you old the power button in? If you still can't get it to power up, I would take it in to the nearest BN and see if they can replace it. I am sorry you are having a problem with the NC.

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Re: I'm a newbie and I need help, nook will not turn on.

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Try removing any SD card in your NC.  Then hold the power button down for ~15 seconds or until you see a "pulse" across the darkened LCD screen. 


Then, try connecting a USB cable from the NC to your computer.  This should do two things


- force your nook to try starting up

- if it does come partway up, it should show up as a USB device even if the screen is still blank. 


Pulling the SD card - if you have one - is recommended in case somehow the SD card has decided it's bootable and is trying to boot, but there's no OS on it. 


If none of that works, is it still under warranty?  I honestly don't remember how long the non-extended  warranty is.  I thought a year, but I could be wrong. 


If it is under warrantly, call BN and have them send you a replacement.  They'll walk you through some troubleshooting before they give up, but some of that may be helpful.

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Re: I'm a newbie and I need help, nook will not turn on.

One other thing to try is to try to power it on, as soon as it starts to show anything, power it off again.  Do this eight times and then it ought to reset to factory stock (you will lose all your data nd will have to redownload your content). If you do a search on the tech help board there are more detailed instructions for this.


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Re: I'm a newbie and I need help, nook will not turn on.

what roustabout said...


This same thing happened to a friend who had to take his NC to the local B&N store, nothing would revive his NC, B&N at the store replaced it no problem.  It was about 30 days.