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Lost Apps or Mind?

So, I've downloaded the new update (I love it with the exception of one already previously mentioned item that has gotten a lot of press).  As I'm relearning how to navigate my NC (I had put it away for a few months due to lack of lesuire time caused by school work) I came across the App shelf.  This is great except that I had previously (months ago) archived several apps and now I have no idea where to find them.  I have some apps on my home page that do not show up on the App shelf and just to test a theory I took an app from the home page and "archived" it...but have no clue where or how to find it.


I would really appreciate the help finding my lost apps.



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Re: Lost Apps or Mind?

Hi SpiritualJunkie,


Glad you're enjoying your NC. To access your archived items tap on "my stuff" within the library and then tap archived.


Hope this helps!


- Alex

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