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NC Update Question

i have read several threads on the topic of the update.  i wonder if someone could explain to me the quote i copied here?


"Im not waiting for the auto update.  I will sideload as soon as it is available."

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Re: NC Update Question

If you want to wait for the update to automatically download whenever your group of NC's is scheduled to receive it, do nothing but leave your wifi on.  If you want the update as soon as it's available, you can download it and sideload it to your NC from your computer (via the usb cable).  As soon as the update is available, there will definitely be a thread or two here devoted to it, in case you need some help!

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Re: NC Update Question

kps626: good question. I'm not sure either. I thought it came auto update and you didn't have to do anything. I hope somebody answers soon.
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Re: NC Update Question

Barnes and Noble posts the update on the Nook Color support page when it is available for downloading and sideloading.


Click on the green "Nook" tab above, then the "Explore Now" button for Nook Color. Then click the Support Tab on the left side of the page. On the Support page, there is a link on the right side to download the latest software.When the update is available, just follow the instructions for downloading.

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Re: NC Update Question

Sideload-transfer the file from PC to NC (or Mac to NC).  The file is often on the BN site a week before the wifi auto-update becomes available. 

If you are patient, wait for the auto wifi one.


If you are not patient, make very sure you know what to do to get the sideloaded version.  Also, be advised that some people have had problems with sideloading.  Generally, my belief is that it is due to not using the correct procedure when doing so, but there is supposed to be more of a chance of software corruption if sideloading.  If you opt to do it, make very sure to eject the NC from your PC when done or you really risk corrupt files.  Do it before safely remove hardware.


Also, it can help to read over the procedure they have listed for the current version (which you probably waited for and got over wifi).  Mainly, you must download it to your computer and sideload it to the root directory of your NC.  That means you will click on the NOOKcolor drive listed on your PC (it might have the name or say removable drive), and will not open any folders after that. 


Then you can copy and paste or drag and drop the file from where it was downloaded to this area on your NC.  Then, eject, safely remove, let it go to sleep or put it to sleep and wait.  One thing to consider since the file is usually fairly large and when this next update comes, I can only assume it might be even bigger, is you will probably want to go into settings and change the screen timeout setting to an hour or some such before connecting to the PC, so that your NC does not go to sleep when sideloading.  I do this with any large files.

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Re: NC Update Question

Hmmm, that quote sounds like something I might have said. LOL  It took three days for the last update, in January, to "roll out" to my area.  This update is going to be so major that I am not going to want to wait three days.  Follow this link and you will see the support page giving instructions for downloading updates, or "sideloading"...the term I used.