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Re: Nook Color Battery Life?

ByNookOrByCrook,  Let me start by saying I don't own a SquareTrade Warranty.  Now that is said, it quite known on these Forums that Square Trade does a really nice job with their warranties.  I doubt very seriously that the person Stating being able to add  the Square Day warranty up to 90 days after has any thing to do with them.  You should look into things before you accuse someone.   

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Re: Nook Color Battery Life?



a defective device is a defective device and does not require you to purchase additional warranty to get it replaced or fixed, especially when the device has only been on the market a couple of months. You just ask for a replacement unit and dismiss discussions about getting more warranties.  


B&N replaced my Nook Classic with no hassle after I had owned it about 4 months. Took one phone call and I had my new unit in four days. DOn't mess with email. You will always get a stock answer. Make a phone call. If you aren't getting it done with the first rep, you ask for someone higher, and then higher again until you get someone who knows what to do.

Additional warranty is a personal choice whether the device needs to be fixed or not. I would have shut that particular conversation down in a heartbeat and steered it back to fixing or replacing the device.


I took my NookColor into a store just a week ago, asking for a replacement charger and was told that I could have my entire unit replaced it I wanted to do that. They did not even ask when I had purchased it because obviously, it was still covered under the 1 year warranty that came with the unit.


That said...I DID purchase a Square Trade Warranty. Two years with accidental damage coverage for around $35.00. I usually do not buy extended warranties for electronic devices unless it is a mobile device, meaning I will (not might, but WILL) drop it at some point. I'm already out a $300 phone that was supposed to be nearly indestructible because I dropped it and it broke three month after it was purchased. Lesson learned. Extended warranties are useless unless they cover damage by accident and most do not, but I would not be using a dang $40 go-phone from walmart for the rest of my contract if I had had a Square Trade warranty.


So a square trade warranty is definitely a good recommendation...but your particular device is DEFECTIVE, It just needs to be replaced. I don't know why you are getting the run around on that, and I wouldn't really even discuss any other option with them other than how to get it replaced.





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Re: Nook Color Battery Life?

I had the same problem with battery power loss overnight while the reader slept would lose almost 80%.  That was only a week after I purchased it.  I took it back to Best Buy and exchanged it and this one seems to be ok.

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Re: Nook Color Battery Life?

Yep squaretrade all the way.  Still need to get around to it, but I'm going for the 3y + accidental damage plan, but I've got a 50% coupon to blow on it as I just signed up with them for another warranty(gTab 3y + accidental too) and they send you a 50% off coupon for the next warranty purchase when you first sign up.


I LOATH devices that come WITHOUT easily user-replaceable batteries and the cynical avaricious companies that make said devices w/o a battery replacement plan that is NOT reasonable, i.e. cost of batt + say maybe $20 or IOW not $60-80.


As to my NC batt life, never run it all the way down as I get antsy when the batt meter starts to be getting low and go recharge, but I can get around maybe 8h.  I would've preferred a bit more weight/bulk w/a higher cap batt and DEFINITELY a swappable one... non-user replaceable is just reprehensible!

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Re: Nook Color Battery Life?

I think I read that the nook should always be on when you are charging it.  Maybe that is making a difference.

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