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Nook Color Forums Issues

Alex, I've got 2 problems with the Nook Color forums:


1. The posts within the threads of all four sub-forums in Nook Color are in reverse order of all other forums (Nook Tablet, Nook, Nook Resources) and reversed from what I have specified in my account options.  They should be oldest to newest, but are newest to oldest.  Just started today.  The list of the threads is OK, but not the posts within the individual threads.


2. The Nook Color General Discussions forum showed almost 1900 new messages today! It looks like everything from around November 9 is flagged as new.  It was annoying but I figured out which were the true new posts and read those.  Then I marked all as read.  The other sub-forums in Nook Color were fine.


I'd appreciate any help you can provide in getting item number 1 above straightened out.  Thanks.