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Nook Color and Simple Touch Reader

Hi, I just have a quick question. My hubby and I own a nook color and a nook simple touch reader. do we have to buy the book 2x if we both want to read it? If I buy a book on the color can he get it on the simple touch reader? can we have 2 devices on the same account? Thanks for any feedback.


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Re: Nook Color and Simple Touch Reader

The easiest way to do this is to register both devices with the same credit card # and email address, quite right. 


I've done that and it works very nicely. 


I'm currently in mid-hack on the Simple Touch to


- give myself access to the paid content on the ST

- give myself freedom to decide how much room to use for BN stuff and how much for my stuff. 


I hope that smarter folks than I will be able to make a more-or-less automated process from it. 


My variant works fine for me, but the barrier to entry is pretty stiff. 


- tolerance for the ST randomly restarting

- facility with Linux

- Linux installed on a workstation you have regular access to for backup and restore of

part or all of the ST. 


Also, in the process of getting where I'm going, I truly hammered the ST for a bit.

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Re: Nook Color and Simple Touch Reader

We are a two Nook family as well, and yes, you can have more than one Nook on an account. Just use the same username and password to register and you will have the same library on your Nooks.

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Re: Nook Color and Simple Touch Reader

I read books on three devices now, nook, nc and iPad. I noticed last week that the devices will sync to the last page read in a book. You may want to dis la that feature if you and your husband are reading the same book. You do need to have one BN account with one credit card, but since you are married, that probably wouldn't be a problem. I think BN allows up to six devices with one account.
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Re: Nook Color and Simple Touch Reader

You can register both NOOKs to the same account or you can register to separate accounts and still share books.


This will only work for books you can download to your PC or to NOOK for PC, so it doesn't allow sharing of the NOOK Enhanced/NOOK Kids books, but those can't be read on the Nook Simple Touch anyway.


See the link in my signature.  It was written based on the original eink NOOK, but works for all three devices.  You will need to download all books to your PC to transfer between devices as the partitions of the two newer NOOKS don't let you see your content...