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Nookcolor 2 COMING SOON!

You knew it had to happen, but when?  Last year at this time the Nookcolor was announce but little or no specs were released, when finally released the NC was a HUGE hit with great potential.  B&N's future was fairly dark until the Nookcolor release, however the Nookcolor and later Nook - ST turned B&N's future into a bright one, resurrecting B&N as a new digital book seller for the new century.  Amazon was counting on B&N's failure, while the Kindle was the number one ereader for several years, Amazon sat on their virtual thumbs and made no serious improvements to the Kindle.  Why bother Amazon's two main competitors were collapsing and no serious threat.  Finally 3 year old out dated Kindle technology, styling, features and lack of color, created an opportunity for B&N ala the Nookcolor and the rest is history.  Amazon doesn't like second place, so in June they officially announced their new LCD color ereader/tablet would be available sometime this fall.  B&N's 2010 timing the Nookcolor  release to take advantage of Christmas sales apparently seems good to Amazon too, as we haven't seen the new color Kindles specs or release dates. 

You can just see B&N executives hoping that Amazon released their color in August or Sept, so they could quickly see Kindle-color specs and then one-up the Nookcolor2 to beat the Kindle-color.  Alas it that wish isn't happening, so in this battle for superiority what should B&N do?  They are following one of Sun Tzu's rules of war "firstest with the mostest".  B&N will try to dominate the market space first,  beating Amazon's release of Kindle-color.  This is very risky, will ereader buyers hold off making an ereader purchase until they can see Kindle's color ereader?  Will Amazon quickly get their color ereader to market and dominate with a massive advertising campaign as they have with their outdate e-ink Kindle? 

B&N is the leader now for color ereaders, and the Nook-ST is now declared the best e-ink ereader, I like that B&N is going to beat Amazon to market with the NC2.  Hopefully B&N has done their homework & enough competition spying to know the NC2 will be as good or superior to Amazon's Kindle/color so buyers will not suffer buyer's remorse if a more powerful Kindle-color is released.


Today @ PCWorld
Nook Color 2 Coming This Month?

By Jeff Bertolucci, PCWorld    Sep 2, 2011 2:16 PM

Barnes & Noble's Nook Color e-reader has proven to be a favorite among consumers and critics alike. With its 7-inch capacitive touchscreen and Android 2.1 operating system, it blurs the boundaries between e-reader and tablet. In fact, with a few simple hacks, it functions as a capable Android tablet.

Digitimes reports that Barnes & Noble will launch its next-generation Nook Color this month. Citing unnamed industry sources, the Taiwanese trade publication says the new Nook will incorporate more tablet-like functionality, including email, music, games, and other apps.

The new Nook Color will include a 7-inch color touchscreen, reports Digitimes. We'll have to wait and see if the new display sports higher resolution--the first-gen model is 1024-by-600--or other show-stopper enhancements not found in the original.


Digitimes' sources say the upcoming Nook Color is designed to compete directly with the Amazon Kindle. Given the product's capabilities, it's possible they're referring to the alleged Amazon tablet--also rumored to debut this fall-- rather than today's Kindle e-reader, a non-backlit device designed primarily for book-reading.

A new Nook Color and Amazon tablet would join a crowded field of slates, many of which were just announced recently. These include the 7-inch Lenovo IdeaPad, a $199 Android tablet priced $50 less than today's $249 Nook Color.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble will have to price their new hardware aggressively to compete with the bumper crop of sub-$350 slates. Let the Tablet Wars begin!



Inspired Wordsmith
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Re: Nookcolor 2 COMING SOON!

I did a quick browse to see if anyone reported this already, I guess I missed that thread... oh well...

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Re: Nookcolor 2 COMING SOON!

It happens. What is funny here us that PC World is "reporting" what digitimes says. Funny because the digitimes statement is full of a lot of nothing. Continued eink screen buying, um maybe that's in preparation for the holidays. I don't doubt a new NC will be coming "soon", but digitimes seems to know next to nothing.
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Re: Nookcolor 2 COMING SOON!

For what it's worth....I was in B&N last night and mentioned this to 2 regular clerks who are always there and always very helpful and knowledgeable.  They were very surprised and had no idea of a NookColor 2 coming out at all.  But they were aware that Amazon has a new 7" 

 e-reader coming out at $250.  They will 'investigate'. 


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