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Nookcolor keeps on freezing and restarting (crash?)

The very first time I turned on my Nookcolor, I was very excited and started exploring all the "extras" (never mind the book feature, duh, it's an e-reader, it's supposed to excel on that!).. a few minutes later, I put it down, and then the device went into "sleep" mode. However, once I rebooted it, it suddenly froze.. no amount of tapping on the screen or on the "n" hard button will recover it! I tried charging it for a good half an hour but still, nothing.  :smileyindifferent:


Imagine how nervous I was... I haven't even read a single book yet and it's already showing signs of going dead? Alas, I gathered up the courage, and as what I would do to any non-responsive computer at my work place, I held down the power button to forcefully turn it off (c'mon, us non-geeks will be very very hesitant on doing that on our own computers, right?!).


I thought the hard reset was going to fix it... but I thought wrong! My Nookcolor restarted, went into the splash screen (you know, the screen where you have to slide to unlock... idk what else to call it)... But, once in the home page, I try to go to the Library, Settings, Web, Extras, anywhere... but it keeps kicking me out of those sections and back to the Home Page! After a few seconds, it freezes again and then, restarts by itself! This freeze-restart kept on going, as I go hysteric and irritated and kept swearing I'll immediatley return my Nookcolor the very next day! Then, I though I"ll hold the power button again once I'm on the Home Page. Finally, for the very first time, I saw a confirmation message asking if I want to turn off my device. I selected "Yes" and it turned off for good!


I charged my Nookcolor for a good 4 hours (was lazy to check the manual or go online to see how long I should plug it to get a full charge... but 3 hours should be enough, right?). I didn't see the freeze-restart problem since then (yes, I still have it... again, too lazy to go back to BestBuy where I bought it!).. However, I get frequent freezes while listening to Pandora and while browsing the web, and sometimes while turning a page when reading a book. :smileyindifferent:


I still have 2 weeks to return this... the freeze is really annoying. Hmmmm.... I should re-send this very long post to Customer Service! If I'm not satisfied with their reply and if I don't hear of any news where they address this freezing issue, I will immediately return this for sure and maybe buy it back when this annoying issue is fixed or when the product's supposed to already come with the "latest updates --- Android 2.2 (?) and apps market" already installed!!!

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Re: Nookcolor keeps on freezing and restarting (crash?)

I replied to this question under the NOOKcolor Technical forum, here. :smileyhappy: