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Preyproject Anti Theft software

Has anyone tried using this software yet, either on their rooted NC or stock?

 Seems like a good idea but I'd like to know it actually works with our devices before getting too far along with it.

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Re: Preyproject Anti Theft software

Interesting piece of software.  I tried a different one at work the other day on my phone and found that the battery drain was unacceptable for me. 


In looking at this one, one problem you would have with the Nook is that since we don't have GPS or 3G, I'm not sure how they do the location bit, although it does say that it works with desktops, so maybe all you could know is that someone is using it, but not where.


I don't see any real downside, as you can do the "free" thing, with the exception of the need to trust what they say about your privacy.


If I were interested, I'd probably give it a try, but I think you would have to be rooted.

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Re: Preyproject Anti Theft software

I think you'd need root and to have google location services working for this to work.


If you have a rooted 1.1 device, google location can be made to work.


As if now, I don't think the location service is available for rooted 1.2 


I've used stuff like this for laptops at the office.  It really does work.  We helped get someone popped for identity theft using one of these tools.  The victim was the perps own mother. 

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Re: Preyproject Anti Theft software

Sounds interesting. I wonder how well it works on the NC. I know Lookout is supposed to be able to find your device and can be used to wipe the data remotely if needed but have not tried to find the NC with the Lookout function yet. I know IBM laptops made within the past 3 - 5 years have a Lo-Jack chip built into them but you have to know that it's there and download some software to activate it. I am not sure how many other PC devices have this tech but it would not surprise me if more and more of these mobile systems have a Lo-Jack type chip added to them.

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Re: Preyproject Anti Theft software

WingnutC150 wrote:

Has anyone tried using this software yet, either on their rooted NC or stock?

 Seems like a good idea but I'd like to know it actually works with our devices before getting too far along with it.

The concept is simple, IF your device is hooked to the Internet, and IF it's location can be tracked to a specific WiFi spot .... then it can be found and/or disabled.


BUT, my WiFi hotspot is not registered anywhere, other than through Comcast which happens to know where I am.    And that information is private, and NOT permitted to be given out without a warrant from the courts.


AND, in any case, it's software.    Simply reset your NC (or whoever stole your NC can simply reset it) and bingo....the software is GONE.    Now, yes, the registered MAC address of each NC is still there, and this company can have created a record of that hardware address when it was installed.   So while they may know the MAC address of your NC, trying to locate a specific MAC address on the internet (via what is called ARP tables) is NOT a simple task.


In fact, again, without a court warrant, the best you could do is get an IP address and that presumes when you do an ARP table search....the NC is online at that time.



So....while it's better than nothing, it is NOT much better than nothing.