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Re: Problem free Nook Color


IamKat wrote:

I've seen more than a few posts about NC issues, having to exchange the first for a second, cords that don't work and various other issues.  How many people have had few to no issues with their nooks?  I haven't had any problems (having said that maybe I jinxed myself).  Just wondering!

Of course you have.  These are product support boards, so people come here looking for help when they have problems.  Most people have no issues with their NOOKcolors.  :smileyhappy:


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Re: Problem free Nook Color

I've had mine since Christmas, and not one problem. I Love my NC!! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Problem free Nook Color

Don't want to jinx it, but I've had mine since March 4, and I'm delighted with it.  It does everything I bought it to do and no gliteches so far. 

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Re: Problem free Nook Color

I received my NC as a Christmas gift.  Only problem I seemed to have was that it took a long time to charge, and seemed like battery life was not that great.  Finally, as of 1 week ago, after I had a low battery warning my NC was still powering off while I was trying to read even though it was plugged in and currently charging .  I called B&N tech support, and they shipped out a "new" Nook.  Don't know if it was the battery, the charger, or both.  Other than that little issue, I couldn't be happier with my Nook!

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Re: Problem free Nook Color

A couple of different highly praised professional surveys have been posted on this forum.  One on customer satisfaction had Nookcolor the highest customer satisfactoin over Kindle and believe it or not IPad was ranked the lowest, maybe IPad2 will do better.  As for warranty returns again B&N has a low rate of return, considering that the NC is only half the price of similar tablets, many are saying it delivers twice the value.


We have 1 Nookcolor since Christmas, no issues.  A good friend bought a NC on my recommendation and had a mysterious failure without any warning.  Even though it was late on a Sat. night right before the store closed the store manager went against store policy and replace my friends NC with a new one.  The store mngr was suppose to call tech support first and verify that my friend's NC was actually bad, however at the hour he was there on the West Coast the tech support is back East and was closed.  My friend is extremely happy with his NC and no further problem.



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Re: Problem free Nook Color

I pre-ordered mine and waited "patiently" for it to arrive.  Outside of an occassionally power off at odd moments, no problems what so ever.


Very happy with the tech, very happy with the experience.  Very happy overall.

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Re: Problem free Nook Color


miketoo wrote:

Had mine since Christmas and no problems other than strangers asking me where I got a small iPad.



That is sooo funny!  I might just go get an apple sticker to put on my cover to see if I can fake people out...


(If your NookColor could be a fruit, what kind would it be?  Let's start some trouble out there today! You know what they say about idle hands - get us that update already!)

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Re: Problem free Nook Color

I've had mine since mid February. Other than my husband stating I need a 12 step program to get off the nook color, it's been 100% asymptomatic! Love it.  :smileytongue:

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Re: Problem free Nook Color


dgiznya wrote:

Got mine end of Nov.


Only problem I have had, is having to wiggle the power cable just right to get it in.

(On my NC that is!  :smileytongue:)


Not a big deal to me and it powers up just fine.


Other than that it's all positive.




I've had my NC since March... Same here on having to wiggle the power cable a bit to get it to go in. A bit annoying... But other than that I've had no issues whatsoever.  I'm a VERY happy NC owner so far.



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Re: Problem free Nook Color

Have had mine since Christmas, the kids pooled their money to get it for me. No problems with it, just spend to much time on it.